2 AM November 5, 2005......It's Been A Year!


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Of course, easy child/difficult child isn't staying home to celebrate one year
alive and making progress. :shocked: He did tell me "I
have said a special prayer today because I know how lucky I
have been."

I doubt that I would have survived this year without all of
you. I probably should post this on General, come to think
of it, but I don't know how to "move it" so I'll let it go.

Thanks, guys! DDD


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May God continue to watch over your precious boys,DDD.
And may He watch over all our special children!!
:grin: :bravo:


A year already... seems like just a few months ago. So is this the point at which they say there will be no further gains? Cognitively has he improved in the last 6 mo?


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Yes, he has improved in the past six months, OTE. He is much less volatile and moody, which makes him more like his
"old self". He is making progress with self-regulation but
he is, in fact, less sophisticated than before and even more
attached to me.

He can be guided a bit more toward independent choices which
I see as a positive sign for the future. His short term memory has improved a bit. His cognitive ability has also
improved a bit.

Only time will tell how much improvement will result with the passage of time. Before I kick the bucket, I really am
hopeful he will be able to be functioning well as an adult.
The sites and message boards for TBIs indicate a vast array
of issues for years to come. on the other hand, easy child/difficult child is slowly moving
forward. Sadly, many of the children, spouses, parents who
have loved ones on those boards are still praying that their
family will see "recognition" after three or five years post
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). We are lucky. DDD


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Wow! A year already?

Truly a miracle that he came through this as he did, and that he has made the progress that he made.

Here's hoping for more progress, and more forward movement on the right path!

Sending hugs,


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I am amazed that it's been a year already although at times it must have felt like a century to you. I'm holding a good thought that he will continue to progress, DDD.

Many hugs,


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Thanks, Suz (and everyone). It has been an unbelievable year and I am trying to be hopeful although I am pretty darn
pooped! IF he passes the GED and IF the cops stop stalking
him and IF we can find a way to relocate him and IF he can
survive without his Mama (which actually is now a big IF as
a result of the brain damage)...then...maybe he can develop
an acceptable life.

I know it sounds melodramatic to say so BUT I fear that with
our advancing age that somehow we have to speed him through to the next level. That, probably, isn't even possible.

The support I get here does help me alot. DDD


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DDD, It's hard to believe it's been a year. It is really a miracle that he is alive(not melodramatic at all). Hopefully he is meant for something meaningful and his life was spared because of it.
I'm glad you see some progress and he is fortunate that he has you and that he has more awareness than the average Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
Give him a hug from me. I'm so glad he survived.


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Wow a whole year already. I am glad he is making progress in the positive direction. I hope he continues to improve.


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Wow, a whole year. I remember like it was yesterday! That's really scary! :wildone:

This first year has certainly seen it's ups and downs. When you look at the point of injury and how far he has come.....you indeed have to thank the higher powers. He is so very lucky.

I too think if you can relocate him and get him started, I think he can find a path for himself.

Crossing some body parts that the GED was a success.


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I am not encouraging him to work yet. We are focusing on
getting well, getting back in shape, finishing one probation
this month, getting prepared to move out of county for schooling and the duration of the other probation...if at all possible. As you well know, Janet, there are monthly meetings and unexpected home visits and drug tests and and
and all those hours of community service. Truthfully I now
know and understand how so many end up "in the system" for
many years if not a lifetime. If you are not able to function normally (which usually is the case if you get in the system via substances!) prior to arrest, you sure as heck have to be an Olympic Jump Thru Hoops specialist to stay away from law enforcement. There is no encouragement.
It is an endurance test and easy child/difficult child is not well enough to
do all the hoops without support. DDD


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Wow! I know it has been a roller coaster ride for you. I hope he continues to improve and finds his "nitch" and leads a happy and productive life in the future-RM