2 really Wonderful things I saw Today

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    Holidays are very special for most of us, but they are also EXTREMELY stressful for most of us.

    I guess it is actually yesterday, because it is after midnight, but whatever. Today I saw lots of neat things, but I really was touched by the following 2 things.

    Can you name 2 things YOU were touched by on Christmas of this year?

    In addition to our great family Christmas, and no arguments, I saw 2 VERY special things today.

    Jessie gave M, my 5yo niece a plate of brownies that she (Jess) made and cut into shapes. Just 3 brownies, on a small paper plate, covered in foil. Jessie didnt' want to give M too much, but didn't have anything else to give her.

    M said thank you, with the BIGGEST beaming smile, and walked around to show ALL of us HER very own private brownies.

    But that, great as it was, was not the first Wonderful Thing.

    Not 3 minutes after we were each specially shown these brownies, M walked back into the room. M had been asked to put the brownies on the table so the dog wouldn't eat them.

    M came back with a plate full of small bits of brownies. No, she didn't eat them.

    She broke them up into pieces so that she could give each and every one of us a piece of a brownie.

    She was so thrilled to have her "own" brownies, and then she tore them into bite size pieces and handed each of us 1 or 2 bites.

    THAT was the first Wonderful Thing.

    The second Wonderful Thing was when I looked over and saw my ex-sister in law, K, sitting next to me on the couch. My bro (her ex) was sitting on the floor. Each of them had a pile of gifts. I realized that some gifts said "to Mommy" or "to Daddy" because they were from my niece. THEN I realized that the from part of some of the labels were "M and Mommy" and "M and Daddy"

    No, a reconciliation is not happening.

    But my bro and his ex were able to put things aside and help M choose gifts (and pay for them) for each other. And they were able to go ahead and put their names on the From part of the tags because that is what their daughter wanted.

    They EACH chose gifts that fit the other's interests, not just impersonal gifts or even gifts that the other person wouldn't be very interested in.

    That was the 2nd Wonderful Thing. Bro and his ex were able to put things aside and truly help their daughter give gifts to her Mommy and Daddy.

    What Wonderful Things did YOU see today?
  2. Wiped Out

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    What a nice thread Susie,

    One wonderful thing I got to see was easy child actually smiling and staying with the family most of the day-she did not play the hermit, she even played a game with everyone last night (she wasn't a easy child all day but it was nice to see glimmers of her like this).

    Another wonderful thing was watching difficult child's excitement at the fact that his sister actually got him a gift (well, sort of, we had already bought it and easy child asked if it could be from her but he doesn't know that). He was absolutely thrilled!
  3. house of cards

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    My first memorial moment was on Christmas Eve. My mother went to church with us to watch a play with my 16 yo playing the lead. He needed to juggle and remember quite a few lines. He was very good. My mom even said she was proud of him. I don't recall my mother ever saying she was proud of anything any of her kids ever did and it was very nice to hear.

    We then continued our tradition of going out to eat on Christmas Eve (finding a place open is part of the deal) and my kids were very well behaved. I expected Major to lose it because of all the excitment but he held it together the whole season right up to Christmas Eve when the presents began to get to him so we opened 1 earlier then usual and it helped settle him.

    The second magical moment was when my oldest came over with his future wife and my 16 yo brought down his World Tour video game and they all were playing it and having a great time. It was so sweet watching them knock themselves out trying to out do one another and as a plus, my walls came out unscathed, a big improvement over Thanksgiving, for those that remember.
  4. hearts and roses

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    This is a nice thread.

    My first wonderful thing I saw [experienced] yesterday is that difficult child managed to create Christmas gifts with very little (and I mean very little) money to spare. Her gift to H and me was a framed collage of old pics. And she chose some of my most favorite pics! I think the frame was gently used - just a guess - but she cleaned it up very well and made such a beautiful gift. I can't wait to hang it.

    And the second wonderful thing I [experienced] yesterday was spending a little bit of time with my neighbor. He brought us over some of his delicious Puerto Rican food from his family celebration and when I invited him in for a glass of wine, he accepted and he, H and I just had the nicest time chatting and laughing together. I cherish my friend/neighbor.
  5. meowbunny

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    The first thing for me is rather selfish. My daughter got me several gifts and she actually put some serious thought into my taste and desires. She even got me a wonderful camera bag that I didn't even know I wanted. Usually, she just tears into her gifts and really doesn't care when I open mine.

    Even more precious was her sharing with me that giving me gifts had always been important to her. She told me of past memories of what she had gotten me, where she had gotten it (or made it) and why she bought those gifts for me. I never before knew that it mattered in the least.

    The second thing was creating a new tradition for Christmas that was just for the two of us but could easily be increased to share with others as our family grows.
  6. crazymama30

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    I saw my 2 children playing a board game together, without fighting, even when the game was over and someone lost.

    I saw my son eat dinner with family (lots of stimulation). He ate his food, spoke appropriately (not too loud, and did not interupt continually). When he was done eating he went and played on the computer and did not bother those who were still eatin.

    For me, this was great.
  7. KTMom91

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    After lunch at my mom's, it was great watching the grands (Miss KT, my niece E, and nephew N) going through the music videos and head-banging to Twisted Sister singing O Come All Ye Faithful. My brother is a serious metalhead...his wife looked at us like we were all crazy.

    The most wonderful thing was that there were no cross words at all. Nobody was upset, nobody got their feelings hurt, it was a nice afternoon.
  8. Andy

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    1st wonderful thing: My true to heart must have the best diva of divas easy child really grateful about her $20 Walmart coat. She put it on and said, "This is so soft!" Yes, easy child, you can enjoy everyday inexpensive items.

    2nd wonderful thing: My kids (MINE mind you) showing true appreciation over every single gift! To know that they lead a confusing life of getting the very best from their aunt and uncle then the mundane real life low key stuff from mom and dad, then see that they appreciate the little things just as much as the big things AND they were satisfied with the little they did get - almost makes me want to recreate Christmas every day of the year (just the private gift opening with the family).

  9. Lothlorien

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    I had to bring this back up. I was too wrapped up in the goings on of the day, so I couldn't really think, but as I posted on another thread.....

    husband's uncle has always been a major difficult child/bum/blacksheep of the family. He's been a drug user and can't hold a job...ever. Some major events happened in the past year or so. He's finally clean for 8 months. He still doesn't have a job, but is getting an allowance from his mother's estate and husband's dad and mom are helping him out a bit. Anyway, he's saved his money from his allowance and bought all of the ladies pointsetta flowers. Not little ones either. They were nice sized ones. He gave everyone lottery tickets too. This, from a guy who complains (in the past) that there isn't enough shrimp on the table and who actually gave me a stained, stinky, halloween shirt for christmas one year.

    The second thing is also from the same person. He's always been negative and complaining every time we've seen him in years past. He was actually pleasant and coopertive. He even went in the other room to smoke so it wouldn't bother us. WOW! What a drastic change.

    So, I guess we did have a couple of Christmas miracles this year.
  10. Jena

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    This is a nice thread Susie

    I'm glad that Jess did that and that it made her so happy and that your holiday was so nice this year, you deserved it. :)

    2 nice things I guess for me was my difficult child on xmas eve at my parents house. She got one small barbie from my parents, but she came with a bag and accessories very cute. difficult child sat diligently on the couch for two hours so engrossed in this one barbie doll changing it's clothes, tryiing it's pocket book on and smiling the entire time. It was really really sweet to watch. She's a kind girl who is thoughtful and gracious and simple. She has a huge huge heart.

    Other was my easy child, or typical teen lol. I felt close to her on xmas morning taking pics of her smiling as she opened her gifts her goofy clownish faces she made while i took the pics........it brought me back to that little girl i once had. I miss her so. She's def making some bad choices yet her inner core and self is so beautiful when it shines through its just mezmorizing. :)