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ok so you all know I would not even have a TV in the house but boyfriend and Nick insist. boyfriend watches 24 faithfully so of course, there am I.
my comments?
it crawls. they take so long to give you a tiny bit of info. jack is cute like a bulldog. he growls and scowls and they unleash him to tear into stuff.
if the real president's staff were to act like the show...heaven help us all.


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Janet, I have been a 24 fan since day 1 of the show - first season. This is the slowest season yet. It is sort of losing my interest. I am hoping it picks up soon!

I really wish the first president Palmer could come back. I loved him! Now he does the Allstate insurance commercials that play during 24!


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Okay, no messing with my Jack, Janet. :nonono: lol.

I love 24 and have been a fan since Day 1. Yes, this year is a bit slower than others, but even with it slower, I find it much more thrilling than most tv shows.

As for the President's staff? ROFL. Without getting into a political discussion, last year's prez was like Richard Nixon and Dubya rolled into one. Now that was something to watch. ROFL.

I'm with you, Wendy. I miss President David Palmer and was crushed that they killed his character off.

I was really disappointed last night when Audrey's father chewed Jack up and spit him out. He has apparently forgotten all that Jack did for him, for his daughter, not to mention the country.

Yes, a true 24 fan here. :bravo:



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well at least I am learning to watch a TV show...lol
I just have trouble with certain illogical stuff that happens. like when morris got his shoulder drilled by the bad guy and was at work and using the puter in no time. he should have been dead. after all...this all happens in one day right?
Chloe's face...her mouse look kills me.
how about how they break all the rules of the central intelligence place and then they let them go out and still try to fight the bad guys?? or that ricky shroder's character and jack's alternate being best buds and enemies???
ugh. I will stick with it for the rest of the season it seems. but I hope it moves more!! I actually went and got a bath and came back and still didnt miss much the other day.