3 Weeks - No Cigs - Am I Now a NON-SMOKER?!?


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I have been hesitant to post this. I have been 3 long weeks with ZERO cigarettes - and totally give the credit to the Chantix. Anyone who is considering giving this medication a try - I say go for it!! I never thought realistically that after 18 years of smoking I would be able to quit, but it appears that I have managed to do it!!

I didn't even choose a quit date. One night, I had a cigarette before bed and just didn't have another one in the morning. I still have about a half a pack on my front porch, but really don't have the desire to smoke at all anymore.

On top of that, I haven't really gained any weight either. I am so glad I finally gave it a try.


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Good for you, Jamie :bravo: .

I finally quit 5 years ago. I still can't believe it- I smoked for 38 years. And I smoked A LOT.

I flunked out of every stop smoking program there was...and some, more than once. But I finally got to the point where I really wanted to quit...used the patch...garnered up all of the lessons I'd learned from my previous attempts...and quit.

I will never consider myself a non-smoker. I liken it to being an alcoholic in recovery. I'm a smoker who chooses not to smoke any more.

Best of luck.



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First off, Good for you!

I'm with Suz. I quit 15 years ago, and I know I could start again in a heartbeat. Several times a year I still have a dream that I am buying cigarettes or smoking and I am wondering "It's too bad that I started up again." I know that I could start again in a heartbeat. Of course it makes it much easier that it's so expensive and so socially unacceptable.

Keep up the good work!

You are a non smoker until and unless you pick up again.

Toss out the ones you have on your porch. They are stale anyways.

Wooohooo for you!!

husband and I were wondering how things were going for you!


We have a prescription for Chantix, but haven't filled it yet.

I will tell him today that you posted again and that things are going well.

No nervousness?

No weight gain?

No crankiness?


Good for you!



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I want that rx! I guess I need to save up the money and buy it. Medicare Part D wont pay for it which is stupid because they will pay for the cancer treatments...argh.

I am a heavy heavy smoker and I want to quit. I did quit once cold turkey for 6 years and made the completely idiotic choice to pick them back up again. And yes, its like being an alcoholic...if you ever pick up one cigarette, you will be back smoking again just like you were before. I had one cig and within two weeks I was back smoking two packs a day!

Good for you...I am inspired by you.


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Congratulations!!! That is awesome. I quit 20 years ago. I no longer ever have a desire for them, but I have told my son who is a recovering drug addict, when he would tell me I didn't know what it was like, that I know if I ever picked up a cigarette today I would be smoking a pack a day by tomorrow. That is why I will never have one. It is an addiction, just like the rest.

You are a non smoker as long as you choose to be a non smoker.

I have heard that prescription is a miracle. My mom who unfortunatley did not find the chantrix much earler in her life (actually it's pretty new so she couldn't have found it earlier) and passed away 3 weeks ago, was able to quit smoking after 40 years.
Congratulations on your three week success! I am a former smoker, and I still occasionally dream about smoking , but otherwise, I have absolutely no interest. Hang in there. It is definitely worth it.