3 years and I am getting a tiny house, real tiny.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jody, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Jody

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    I have decided that in three years, I am going to buy a tiny house, get rid of all of the possessions, and live simply. My Aunt has 14 acres in Missouri and I think I'll inquire about renting an acre or purchasing it myself. My best day is to be at home, with a good book, or outside gardening, hanging out with my kids and my boy Broady. If I live simply I would not have to work very much, and I like the idea of not working much! Check out the small houses. I am going to start saving now. I need twenty thousand and then I am hoping I can get help building it from people that I know for as cheap as I can get it. I thought about taking the plans to a school, and maybe the students could do this as a school project. There are several green type options that I think would be interesting for them. Who knows maybe I am crazy, but with my own land, i could have a shed, and a fenced in yard and landcape it beautifully. Big garden and some chickens for eggs. Anyway if your curious take a look: www.tumbleweedhouses.com. Does anyone know anyone who has one of these small homes?
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    Oh yeah, I am waiting three years till my difficult child is out of High school. Another good thing< i will have to lose weight if I really want to do this because the bathrooms are so tiny, heck whole house is small so, it would be best to be thinner.
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    We at my house are fascinated by these homes! S/O and I truly believe we would be happy as clams living in one of these once we are empty nesters. Meanwhile, easy child has begged to not wait for her to do high school and go off to uni. She begs regularly for us to buy two and fashion some sort of enclosed glassed in "sunporch" that could be accessed via inside doors of both houses, so that it could be possible for her to live in one, s/o and I in the other, but technically in the same residence due to the connector portion. She would then take her tiny house to uni and save living costs during her uni life. We thought we were crazy in that we are hugely considering it! I have about 12-18 months until I will be getting a crim. injuries comp payment, and I pledged to spend it on something that won't be fleeting. We are considering paying outright for 2 of these. I feel less crazy reading another member is considering it! We have spent many an hour reading online, website searching, checking out the pros of new vs used (the market for used is huge, and some even come with land ownership for more semi permanent structures), and oh my youtube has videos galore. People sure love to do videos about tiny houses. I say power to you if you go this route! It is obviously not for everyone. But it sure can hold tons of advantages for those who can handle the small space. I find it cozy personally. I love that you can go more simplistic (and obviously less expensive) or you can go more detailed for extra cash outlay. I've seen some pretty rustic tiny houses. And I've seen some utterly beautiful ones. I know for sure I'd have a more than run of the mill wood stove. And mine would be artsy feeling. easy child moved on from studying tiny houses, to checking out gypsy wagons. I would never handle those, but it is unreal how gorgeous some people make them.
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    I loved looking at what used to be called Katrina Cottages. I have no idea if they are still around. There is no way I could live in one now because of my disabilities because most of them have the bedroom as a loft. What I want is to downsize my doublewide into a singlewide but that wont be happening I dont think. I imagine I am stuck with this.

    For a single person I think they are cool.
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    I am just too excited. I have lived in a studio apartment before and loved it. I know I could do well in the space. I have poured over some of these designs and some I love and some I don't but, there ara a lot to choose from. Janet, there are some with beds downstairs and a loft upstairs. I would be using the loft upstairs for storage and for when my daughters come home, as I probably wouldn't be heading up those steps with my knees either. It's perfect enough space for me and Broady. I would like to put an outside screened in porch too, that would be so nice. My Aunt has all kinds of wild turkeys on her land, and of course deer. It would be great to just live simply. They even have some of these tiny houses available for sale used. I love that it's mobile. I could stay in Illinois 6 months and head somewhere else for the winter, and never leave my home. lol. I would have to look for work at a temporary part-time job to keep me in some money but it sounds so less stressful than what I am doing. Let me know what you decide about getting one Mattsmom. Having them connected would be nice, but it would still be separated. That's a pretty cool idea.
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    They are movable only in theory - all the plumbing connections have to be considered, and undoing-redoing on a regular basis means you will be re-doing the whole system multiple times over.

    If you want a comfortable home that is truly mobile... get a small motorhome.
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    That's probably true, but it can't be that big of a deal because people travel in them a lot. I probably wouldn't be moving it around, but it's a certain plus that I could if I wanted to.
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    I think portability differs based on design. Some are designed to literally tow and go (well, near enough). Others have more permanent power and water systems. We figure ours would be more permanent, with easy child's being more portable, to make it easier to take to school with her. After graduation, we would bring hers back and connect again via the porch structure, to ensure space for the kids to come home and visit. I'll never have grandchildren, so that makes a decision like this easier too.
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    I have looked at them but I need my space to roam around in - just thinking of SO and I jammed in one of those makes me claustrophobic. He is always wanting to down size (not thinking of where he would put his 2,500 piece Yoda collection) and I am always wanting to get more space.

    Guess I am not ready to shed my stuff yet :)

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    LOL @ insane ... anything of course is always possible. Having said that, I'd be bowled over if either of my kiddos ever come to me and tell me I'm going to be a grandma. Both of my kids have no affinity for children, as in neither have EVER been able to stand if I have had a friends child around. They can't even tolerate my niece, their own cousin, who is cute as a button. Matt is very career oriented, but he is also very concrete in his thinking. He chose a partner who feels as he does towards children, she also does not want children. Even given their relationship may not last (right now its more solid than most adult married couples I know, they just click), he is not anti children (for other people) but is just firm in his desire to never be a parent. He has very solid reasons he has come to this decision, and truly I see his points and his confidence that he doesn't at all desire parenthood. As for easy child, she outright loathes little children. I mean, its almost comical but it isn't a put on and she just never "got" the joy of motherhood ideal. She has been far from quiet about it too lol. I had figured as she got older, she would lighten up a bit. But she literally has zero mother instinct, doesn't like children, barely tolerates them. Then there's the fact that she is gay and to become accidentally pregnant has no chance of happening, I'd say that maybe she could find a partner who has their own child perhaps, but otherwise, I won't be sending out grandparent announcements. I truly don't ever see her seeking same sex partner options to become parents.
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    The Katrina Houses via Lowe's seemed like a terrific option to me. I don't believe the Lowe's sells them anymore but I am sure they are available. I had hoped that easy child/difficult child and his brother difficult child#2 could each have a Katrina on a big lot in the rural areas around here. Check into it. DDD