4 yo diagnosed with ADHD and ODD-help?

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    I am very new to this and am not sure what all the different abbreviations mean. If someone has a chance, maybe they could steer me to the right place to write things out accurately.
    Recently my 4 1/2 yo boy was diagnosed with adhd and odd. He was started on Strattera 10 mg for 1 week and then up to 18 mg for about 2 weeks now. At first I thought I saw a little calming but not I'm not so sure. The odd symptoms have been really bad lately. I read something about Parent Management Training for treatment? What is that exactly? I really just need to hook up with some other parents who are going through the same struggles as I am. Each day is a battle right now and I'm fighting depression myself.
    To put the icing on the cake, our insurance just sent a letter stating they would not authorize another refill of Strattera until he had tried and failed other medications.
    Thanks to anyone who can offer me any suggestions or advice.
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    Hi- I wanted to welcome you to our group!!! You will find that everyone here understands how you are feeling. All of us with young and old have struggled and a lot of us are still struggling!!!
    Who diagnosed your son? If you have a family history of other issues he might have more going on???

    Our daughter difficult child (Gift from God) the one that brought us here... was diagnosed by a lengthy 10 hour Nuero-psychiatric evaluation, plus a very good Psychiatrist that we had to travel to go see, across country!!!
    They both gave us the same diagnosis. Plus it really seems to be accurate...
    Under FAQ/Board Help:
    Board Abbreviations/Acronyms

    Also under here you can find lots of answers. that is under the Main forums. Also under FAQ which is just above to the right there are a lot of questions answered...
    I would read through some of the posts here as well as under General, we have just recently been discussing Strattera... K, my difficult child did poorly on it. Made her very angry and elevated. Not good for her. Lots of people here have similiar experiences it seems like from reading.

    Tell us a bit about yourself and what issues you are dealing with... we will try to help or be here to listen.
    Also under profile you can put a signature like mine at the bottom of my post, with info about yourself and your difficult child etc... It helps us not repeat the same questions over and over...
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    Thanks for your help in steering me in the right direction.
    My son was diagnosed by a pediatric psychiatrist. My husband and I met with him for an hour. Then two weeks later he met with my son and I for an hour. Next, my husband and I went back to talk about the doctor's findings. He talked some about behavior modification but not a whole lot before he dove into wanting to try Strattera. I was a little concerned because its newer, it has to be swallowed whole and the effects wouldn't be noticed right away.
    We adopted our difficult child when he was three but we had been caring for him since he was 6 weeks old. He was drug exposed but never tested positive. When he was about 18 months old he started showing signs of mild global delay so he got PT/Occupational Therapist (OT) and Speech Therapy which helped a lot. Then eventually came the signs of ODD and ADHD.
    In the past few days I've noticed more behavior with the ODD and even the ADHD doesn't seem to be improving, almost getting worse at times. At the moment we're struggling with just having a conversation in front of him. He constantly talks and talks and if I'm trying to talk to my husband he will just get all worked up because I should be listening to him. I tell him I will listen to him after I am finished talking with Daddy but that gets him even more riled up.
    His aggression today included hitting, kicking and throwing things at me. He constantly will yell and point at me over the littlest of things or sometimes over nothing at all. Its so emotionally draining to me and I struggle to want to continue going on like this. Each morning is a battle to get up and out of bed because I know I am facing this all the time. I feel like crying all the time but have built up that wall that keeps everything in check and doesn't let the tears come. Sometimes I think that is not healthy and wish I could just let out all the frustration and sadness I feel with this.
    When my difficult child isn't in a mood he is a wonderful, affectionate and polite little guy. He gives lots of hugs, tells me he loves me, he likes me or he likes the shirt I have on! It just breaks my heart to see when he's losing it and not able to keep things under control. He cries alot and then 'sometimes' gets remorseful over what he has done or said, but not always.
    I am not convinced that the psychiatrist is all that great. How do you know if one is worth it or not? This one was recommended by our pediatrician but that may have just been off of a list. I really want to find out what's best for my difficult child, not just what is easiest.
    I'll try to find the threads where Strattera was discussed. I'm certainly interested in knowing what other people's experiences with it are and how it has worked or not worked for them.
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    Hi, Sunshine!
    Welcome! We share a lot in common (check out my signature) including the year we were born and our difficult child's age!

    I deal with this every day too! My difficult child even gets irritated at his therapy sessions when his therapist is speaking to me. He will hang on her or me, hit us, etc

    I know EXACTLY how you feel! Read some of my posts if you want evidence that you are not alone. I do understand and am here to offer you support in your battle. I feel as if it is a battle but not with my difficult child but with whatever has affected his brain in such a way that it manifests into an unhappy, hostile little boy. I love my son so much and hate that his (as well as my own) life has to be this way. He like yur son can be so empathetic (lucky as many kids with Conduct Disorders such as Aspergers are not), sweet, funny! When he is not attacking me he is always concerned for me which is not something I can say for his older easy child sister. LOL He too will say that I look pretty or that I am sweet. Then 15 minutes later he will tell me how much he hates me for parking in the "wrong" parking space! or something so unpredictable like that.

    This forum is a great place and I hope that you will find it to be the blessing that I have found it to be. I am so run down both mentally and physically and this forum is the main reason that I am dealing with all of my problems much more effectively now. The advice and support are priceless.

    I am sorry that I do not have anything to add about the Straterra as we have not used that one. There are others that will help with that.

    Please let us know how you are doing. Feel free to PM me too.

    Hang in there,


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    Hi Cheryl,

    thanks so much for showing me how much we have in common and that I am not alone. When I read that your difficult child was kicked out of preschool it made me wonder about my own. So far he has not exhibited all the poor behaviors at preschool but he's getting more and more bold. How did you go about getting a neuropsychologist evaluation? We are currently seeing a pediatric psychiatrist recommended by our pediatrician. I just think that the picture is so much bigger than what a couple of visits to the psychiatrist can show. Its really hard not to get overwhelmed by this whole situation. I have so many mornings when I just don't want to get out of bed to face everything. I'm struggling so hard with my own depression that is only made worse by the added stress.

    I am very thankful for this website though! This is going to be a big help for me. Support and encouragement is SO important to all of us in so many ways.

    Debbie :rolleyes:
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    My youngest is now 7, so I don't get over here much. I am glad you found us, and hopw you will stick with us. Your avatar is great!!

    I am a little surprised to see your 4 1/2 yo on strattera. I know it works well for many, it has been wonderful for both my son and brother, but I would think at 4 1/2 they would go with a more proven drug. Strattera can definitely increase violence and aggression, or so many here have found. It is also a medication you shouldn't quite "cold turkey". It affects neurotransmitters in the brain, though I couldn't tell you how, and there can be withdrawal symptoms from it.

    Ritalin and Adderall are both available in generics, which is probably why your ins co wants you to try them first. BUT they have also been in use for a much longer time and a LOT more is known about them. They stay in the body for a very short time. When my son first tried medications he took ritalin. It only lasted about 3 hours or so. But he took it a little before a soccer game and EVERYONE on BOTH teams noticed the change!! It really worked for him. Of course I had the No medications lecture from the grandparents - until I took him out with my mom before he had his medications. Then gave him the ritalin with milk as we sat at brfeakfast. In about 20 mins you could see the change - and hear it in how he spoke. But we sure knew when it wore off!

    Coudl you ask your doctor to try one of these shorter acting medications? They both are available in extended release versions, but most insurances don't cover those until the originals have been tried. Or that is my experience.

    Your insurance company may be concerned over whetehr stratterra has been approved for pediatric use in a child as young as yours. Many medications that our kids end up taking are "off label" for them - used to treat other problems primarily or not specifically approved for their age. Of course, many of MY medications are off label also.

    I hope you find help, info and support here. I am NOT a doctor or pharmacist. I have shared what I have experienced, but you need to be sure to verify things with YOUR doctor and pharmacist.


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