7 year old grandson and School


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Good morning!

I've been asked to post here re: my 7-year-old grandson and school. Sorry if you've already read this elsewhere.

difficult child had a terrible school year last year in first grade. Multiple suspensions, mostly for aggressive/assaultive behavior and noncompliance. They moved over the summer and the new school seems to be less experienced in handling these challenging, ADD/CD/ODD type kids. My son went to a meeting on Weds and feels the school is already at their wit's end and out of ideas. I worked at a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for years and we had our own school on campus and every kid had an IEP so that was one of my first thoughts with-difficult child. In particular, I was concerned about their policy of waiting to enforce timeouts until recess. difficult child needs isolation so he can calm down NOW, now in 40 minutes. He has very very few coping skills and will turn aggressive. And has. So my son brought up the idea of an IEP and they seemed flummoxed and said, "Well, that takes a long time" as though that were some kind of barrier to doing it. I also need advice on their "hands off" policy. In his prior school, the principal would take difficult child to his office, carrying him if necessary, with my son's understanding and approval. This school doesn't want to do that and is concerned that difficult child will just run off.

Anyone have any experience with this? Obviously we should push for the IEP but what about a hands off policy? What is our responsibility and what is theirs? They put him on half days in the second week of school, and only put him back on full days with reluctance. Is there an attendence policy they are violating? Any help you can give would be much appreciated. They are looking are medications at this time, Tenex and Concerta are the two I'm hearing about the most.

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Hi Roberta

This school district is not going to be pro-active. I strongly recommend that you advise your son to parent refer in order to get the process promptly underway. http://www.conductdisorders.com/com...a-formal-request-for-iep-re-evaluation.22433/ can help you with that. It's very important to send the letter via Certified Mail.

The second the parent referral letter is received at the school district, it kicks in an IDEA provision called "Protections for Children Not Yet Eligible for Special Education." (see Special Education 101 archives)

The sd has 60 days to do the evaluations and another 30 days to write the report(s) and hold the IEP eligibility meeting. So, it does take a while.

However, the sd can do an Interim IEP if they want to. (See Special Education 101 archives)

An interim IEP can and should address behavior issues and appropriate handling.

by the way, did your grandson have an IEP at his former school?


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Thanks for responding. And I'll follow up on all the great info. He did not have an IEP at his former school. My son and daughter in law have been hoping for improvement and unwilling in the past to be aggressive. That is really changing now, so this is info we're going to need.