A day of many blessings...


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Hi all...
I just wanted to give a brief update on our situation.

Sunday I went to look at a house for husband and I to rent. I almost didn't go but my mom offered to go with me as husband already had a massage planned with easy child.

So I saw the house...and loved it! husband and I had driven through neighborhoods on Saturday and I was so depressed afterwards. There was so much out there that was "undesirable" for way too much money.

The house I saw on Sunday is within our budget...in fact we will save $600 or more a month in rent. Well, I put an application in on Monday morning.

Yesterday morning started out good! husband had gotten pulled over for speeding. AND...they let him out of a ticket!
Next...our truck that husband's company had been working on AC is not charging us a thing for repairs.
Next...I decided while waiting for an answer regarding the house that I would take a $100 and drive to the casino...Just to escape some of my jitteriness and anxiety. easy child and one of my friend's went with me.

Well...we are driving down the road (out of state) and easy child points out the sky to our left. It was blue and the sun rays were peeking through over a hill...really beautiful. Then, as we drove on and it got darker...we looked to our right. The moon was big and orange and as full as it could be.

We turned to park in the parking garage at the casino and got a PERFECT parking spot right in front of the entrance. Just as we got out of the car...at around 8:45 last night...I got the call! We were approved on the house!!! :) I jumped for joy and easy child started filming me with her camera, lol. But...the night was not over yet.

We got inside the casino...and the first machine I tried was a $2 machine. I promptly won $200. So I thought, hm, I think I'll move on...I went to another machine...there I lost 50 dollars. But, I had my eye on a machine I had played 2 weeks ago (in the High Stakes room) and won.
It was open for play...so I headed that direction.

Within 20 mins of playing one $5 dollar bet at a time...I got into the bonus round. What happend next has left me believing in miracles. NO, I know this isn't about my young difficult child or even easy child but it is still a blessing.
I got 3 Gems and Jewels on a $5 dollar bet and won $5,000.00!!!
I screamed in exilaration! I couldn't believe my eyes.
I immediately called husband and shared with him the picture I took of the screen.

Tonight husband and I are meeting the Landlords realtor to sign the lease agreement and give them deposit money.
I kept thinking last night as I lay in bed Thanking God...I wonder if our old buddy "DDD" put a good word in for us today? I wonder if my friends on the board have been praying for us?
I'll tell you it was a truly "divine intervention" kind of day.

And now...LOL I just got a call from the realtor we are working with and instead of twice the deposit...we only have to pay one month deposit.
The blessings are just flowing...it's truly amazing!

I just had to share our happy news for a change. Now if only all my 3 children would become truly happy, responsible, law-abiding adults that would be the Ultimate miracle! ;-)

Thanks for so many thoughts and prayers for me and my family along the way.
I wish and hope that I can somehow spread good will and blessing to other's here as well through my own prayers for you all.
Life is good. :)


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Oh LoveMySons, what a wonderful wonderful post! I cannot tell you how happy I am for you that you had such a wonderful day. Congratulations on the house rental! Congratulations on the win! Just came at the right time!

Enjoy the good feeling -- you certainly deserve it!

Love, Esther


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LMS - my luck wasn't quite as good as yours but we just got a totally unexpected check in the mail from our town for $1300. Apparently we overpaid property taxes in 2007!!! Feel like I won a little jackpot myself today! Wooo hooooo!!

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Thank you all so much for sharing in my happy news! :)
And YAY JKF! Hope you did something nice for yourself.

I bought some new dishes that I've had my eye on for quite some time and gave easy child my old dishes. Also bought some clothes...and LOL of course I went back to the casino a couple more times...without the same results. But that's okay...we still have alot left over in savings now.