A Farley Christmas lol (FBorFW)

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    I remember posting about getting easy child a stuffed Farley for a passing school gift this past school year, along with a signed FBorFW book. When the book arrived, Lynn had doodled a cartoon for easy child inside along with the autograph, and a note to easy child telling her she'll be looking for easy child on the bookselves (she's currently taking art classes to illustrate and is passionate about writing). easy child was thrilled!

    Several family members went over the moon for the Farley dog and then they were sold out quickly. I contacted S today, she operates the FBorFW website and online store. Anyhow, she's once again saving me the shipping and will just deliver to me over coffee at a nearby coffee shop. So it's Farley's for all the family kidlets this years. :)

    Just thought I'd post about it since so many people seem to be major fans of the comic. With Christmas coming up it would make a cute gift and the prices is more than reasonable.

    PS. easy child still brings me Farley when I am ill and in bed, I'll never outgrow snuggling something soft on my worst days haha