A heart-warming Valentine's Day story

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    I work as a one-on-one aide to a 14 year old boy with autism. To preserve his privacy, I will call him Jack. Jack has had an interest in a girl in his class named Diane who also has autism. Her aide and I noticed their relationship blossoming under our eyes. Jack likes to give "head hugs." Basically, if he likes you he will come over and place his head gently on yours. It's an honor to receive a "Jack hug." We watched him give Diane "hugs" often and sometimes gently stroke her lovely, long, blonde hair. Then he progressed to making a rather large puckery face as he gave her a "Jack hug."

    Last week, Jack asked Diane to attend a dance tonight. The dance is hosted by a local group who plans activities for children with autism. Jack's father has wisely involved Jack with this group. Jack is quite relaxed around crowds of people and loves dancing. In fact, that what he does in P.E. class. He dances the entire time.

    Diane's parents have not participated in this group. Diane struggles more with social interactions. But, the parents talked, and Diane will attend the dance with Jack. As she told me the other day when I stepped between them due to yet another puckery face, "he likes me."

    He does like her, and her smile lights up the room when he gives her a "hug."
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  2. Estherfromjerusalem

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    That's beautiful.

    Love, Esther
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    Awww love it!!!!
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    Very sweet moment Pigless, thank you for sharing.


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    I asked Diane at school today how the dance was. Jack picked her up in a limousine and brought her flowers and chocolates. They had a great time dancing. Three adults chaperoned them. All in all it sounds like it was quite the evening. Jack was absent today, so I don't know how he liked it. I suspect he had a blast.