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So yesterday SO and I were at the car races - and Danny called to ask him the year I was born. He told him and hung up and we just looked at each other....hmmmmmm.... what an odd thing to ask at 10:00 Satirdau nite. He couldn't possibly want to know for anything illegal - can't quite see him trying to pass himself off as a 56 year old woman.

I just thought for a minute and said, oh oh, he's getting a tattoo... Funny the things that pop into your head when you have a difficult child that parents of easy child's, that would never even enter their thought process..

And I was right

He has a old school microphone on his top left arm (for his rapping) - He has his last name on the back of his right shoulder (much easier for the police to identify him I guess LOL), on his right lower leg, a half naked girl with 8-balls for ni**les holding a pot leaf (well supposed to be a pot leaf - looks more like a Canadian Maple Leaf - said the guy didn't know what a pot leaf looked like cause he didn't smoke...sheesh). A four leaf clover on the back of each forearm with a 1 below it and on the other, a 7 (he was born on St. Patricks Day)

And now on the inside of his right arm from wrist to elbow, my name with hearts, flowers and leaves and my birthdate (which he designed from jail). Its his tribute to me. Its a really beautiful design but I think maybe should have been a little more low key LOL



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Well how lovely Marcie! At least he honored his MOM instead of some girl who he may break up with in 6 months...lol.

Cory just got his first Tat which is some sort of cross thingy with scrolls and pool balls in it. He intends to get Keyanas name put inside the cross somehow. When he told me he was getting a tat I suggested he get MOM...lmao. He wasnt amused.

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Well, he can never deny his love for you now. :rofl:

Tat's are very popular these days. If easy child called with the same question the same thought would pop into my head. She has two eagle feathers on her right shoulder for Kayla and Alex, and recently added a butterfly on the top of her right foot. N has a turtle and the lily she got for graduation to cover the cutting scars.
Aw. I think it's sweet.

But now, you could never lie about your age if he is around. He'd be behind you, holding up his forearm, pointing alternately between his arm and you.



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Well, I don't quite know what to say, Marcie.

:smile: :surprise: :rofl: :faint: :smile:

I think it's really cute too, Marcie.

You must be a very cool mom!

I am always thinking about getting a tattoo myself, these days.

Just to shock the kids.




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Gee, I think I would be honored if I were you. I know my son will never do that, he's terrified of needles. Isn't that funny, a drug addict terrified of needles!!!

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Karen, my son was and still is I guess afraid to have is blood drawn, he would crawl and hide under tables at the doctors office up until he as about 10. He is also a heroin addict (recovering). He had always wanted a tatoo, I never feared because I thought he could never do it he is too afraid. Well last year on his birthday after 2 years of talking about it he said he was getting one, he did, its beautiful, a cross with praying hands over it with rosaries draped over the hands all in black and white. He wants to add to it for this birthday coming up in a couple weeks. DJ will surprise you. D tells me now that he still doesnt like to have is blood drawn because it reminds him of getting high but the tatoo needle is different.

MM I think its a sweet sentiment that your son got the tattoo with your name. It is funny how they choose to honor us, in their own ways I guess...


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Wow--he chose to tattoo your name on his arm. That's pretty cool.

Melissa recently got another tattoo. This one is small. It's a skull and crossbones with a pink/reddish bow in its hair (very popular on clothing right now) put on her side below her waistline. She also has a HUGE fairy on the back of one shoulder. She also has a cross with wings with a rose in the middle across the lower middle of her back (again--big). She said that one was for her grandparents who have passed on. Nice sentiment.

Our son-in-law is practically covered in tattoos. I told him just don't do your face and hands.



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A tribute? LOL! Gads, why can't they ever do a tribute by planting a tree, or maybe putting in a nice flower bed?



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How cool!! Alot of women I know have tatoos on their mastectomy scar-instead of having reconstruction, and these women are not young. Maybe I'll even get one!-Alyssa


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do tatoos really cover scars? I have a huge scar n the shape of a heart on my sholder. It is from a spider bite. I have often thought it would look better if i just had it tattooed over but my brother in law didn't think they could tattoo on that kind of tissue. -RM


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Yes, they can tatoo on scars. A lady I know has a giant dragon on her chest, it looks like its coming out of the scar. -Alyssa