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    I hope this isn't another one of those things that I'm the last one to know about. LOL! difficult child told me about a man who had come to talk to them in Department of Juvenile Justice. There was a book about him at Department of Juvenile Justice and difficult child has been reading it. I was getting a little concerned because difficult child says he's almost finished but all he talks about are these glorified stories about crime and what jails/prisons the guy was in and out of for the majority of his adult life. So when difficult child called tonight I asked for the name of the guy so I could google him. I feel better now- apparently he has a fairly well established ministry around here serving primarily those who have been incarcerated or well, I guess difficult child's in general. So the last couple of chapters in that book might really shock difficult child. LOL! Anyway, the story below is taken off his website and I wanted to share, just in case others haven't heard it. I want to pass it along to difficult child too because from the time he was about 7yo, he has told me about having a good side and a bad side and "sometimes he can't help it, he just gives into his bad side."

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    I've heard that little allegory before! It's a very good message. :) I hope difficult child enjoyed the man's visit.
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    Thanks for sharing-I like this and hadn't seen it before.