A nice surprise


Gfgd called on the 30th to wish her little brother happy 2nd birthday...I was completely blown away. At first I didn't want to pick up the phone but she started singing happy birthday ont he answering machine and little guy was going nuts. Robbie just squealed when I handed the phone to him....and than I had a very nice conversation with her....

Not sure if it was because her primary care was monitoring the call or not but it was nice to see a glimpse of the nice girl for a change.

Once she was off the line, her care Dave said that she is medicated now and has priveleges removed swiftly if she refuses to take the pills or see her psychiatrist....

Not sure what has changed over there or if this is just another go-round....but I was nice and kept a smile on my face during the conversation so I wouldn't come across grumpy or anything...

Hubby is doing wonderful now....in fact he is home now... :smile: he spends most of his time n the basement(web designer/beta tester) but we did miss him....he seems happier now, almost like the surgery took away the grumpiness/mood swings...



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I'm glad you have two things that can make you smile :smile:
Whether difficult child continues in that direction for good, or not, enjoy the moment!!

Glad to hear husband is happy for the time being. Hopefully that will continue also. maybe they removed his grumpy gland :smile:


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Carolanne, I imagine the relief of having the surgery behind him is helping husband's mood. Regardless, I'm glad you are all benefitting from it. :grin:

Good news about the phone call! :bravo: