A Science Project with thank you!

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    thank you rarely asks for help with schoolwork. Esp in science which is his favorite subject except for doing group-work.

    He asked for my help with a project due Monday!!! This is exciting for me! Usually he wants his dad to help or he just wants to be left alone to do it. If/when I insist on helping (mostly asking questions to get him to think through what was asked and if his work did what was asked) he gets very exasperated. He has a hard time putting what he has been asked to do into words, so generally I don't push as long as his grades are good.

    Now they have to make a plant cell out of candy. Talk about BUMMED - he realized that if he glued the candy down then it couldn't be eaten!! He asked me to help him figure out how to do it and what to make the organelles out of.

    I am THRILLED to help. I have done cell models for 3 other kids in past years. Well, helped them do the models. I am a stickler about the kid doing it and just giving ideas and practical help but the student must make the decisions and do the work. Comes from being a teacher's kid I guess. Or maybe an aspie teacher's kd.

    We decided to do the base out of melted white chocolate to be the cytoplasm. We will use various candies and sprinkles to be the different parts and will use different colors of white chocolate and icing to make it all work. The ideas were mostly his, I just made a few suggestions here and there.

    It is so fun to watch thank you's mind work. I know that is strange, but he is just fun.

    You should have seen the gears turning when I suggested using icing and/or white chocolate (tinted as needed) to make the various parts. When he realizedd that if we used chocolate or icing instead of glue, he just beamed. I guess nothing makes a science project more fun than being able to eat it when you are done. Unless you can make it explode first, lol! We can't manage that, but edible we can handle.
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    difficult child 2 is like that. He is so independent when it comes to school that I almost feel left out. This week, he had to write a poem about "What do you do when you don't know what to do?" I spent time with him giving him ideas he could actually write more than just a few words about (he's a concise, get to the point type writer). It was fun watching the light bulb go on and him ask for feedback and help saying more. I LOVE helping him and watching him work.

    I am glad thank you came to YOU this time. Those are precious memories to hold on to. How creative of you!! Would husband have been able to help with this one? I think NOT.
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    Sounds like a lot of fun! :)
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    Can I have you for a Mommy?

    (I am NOT that creative. nor is husband. These kinds of projects drive us completely around the bend!)
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    If you ever want/need ideas for this kind of thing, just ask. I first did a cell model with a friend of my mom's teenager. I was driving across the country and stopped at their house overnight, planning to stay an day because I wanted to spend time with their oldest 2 because I used to babysit them years before. L, the oldest daughter, had to do a model of a cell and was totally lost - actually was resigned to flunking the assignment. I used plain knox gelatin, a few peas, coffee beans, various shapes of pasta, etc... to help her do the project. (If you use coffee beans and/or uncooked pasta you need to coat them with clear nail polish to have them not discolor the gelatin - live and learn, lol!). I got a call 2 days after I left from L - she not only got an A+ (her first in science), her teacher kept her model and showed it to all the classes and all the teachers in the teacher's lounge!!

    It gave L the courage to try some things like that which was cool to see. I also did this with another girl I babysat, and with Jess. Jess and I just did it for fun when she was in 5th grade. HER idea of fun, lol. She just loved a biology coloring book my dad gave her.
    Having homeschooled so many different ages, I either have ideas or sources to find them for a wide range of projects and experiments. feel free to ask. I LOVE this kind of thing!