A son succumbs to heroin & a father struggles to understand...




My metro newspaper ran this in 2-parts- and it's really poignant. The subtitle is "a battle to emerge from heroin's hell"

It's a detailed look inside look at a good family - a kid with two loving parents & many advantages - and how their lives got turned upside down by drug use. It tells their story from both the dad and son's perspective. When I read the title "succumbs" - I assumed that is was a sad ending- but it isn't. The son is now clean - after a long road to recovery - but he still has struggles. In fact, he is 24 but often has the maturity if a 16 year old.

We've talked so much about that in this forum- how our kids can get stuck at the maturity age they were when they started using.

Their story is like so many of our own in many ways- regardless of our difficult child's substance if choice. It's a good read

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It was like reading about all those sad years with our own son. It's hard to imagine the layers of pain these kinds of drugs have caused.

Addiction is rampant among the elderly, too.