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    I haven't been here in a long time. Not saying difficult child has not had issues, but small and better controlled.
    We've been busy. easy child was married a year ago. My little granddaughter was born in November.

    difficult child graduated from High School two weeks ago with 13 college credits !!!! He finished his academic classes
    in January but stayed on doing a student partnership in a kindergarden class. He wanted to do this all year.
    He is 17 - and loved those kids. He even had a status on his facebook that said "who would of thought 24 five year olds
    would be the highlight of my day" He came home many times stating one boy in the class misbehaves. One day he said
    he was beat up by this boy. He was working one on one with him and made him erase things and he was just frustrated.
    then he said "he is so smart...why doesn't he just apply himself" HELLO...Heard that our entire school lives.

    difficult child skipped a grade and graduated :) Often wondered if it would ever happen since he hated school so much. He even took a college class one night a week second semester. I cried at graduation. Because these past 12 years were the most difficult years. NOBODY can understand what we went through....except those like you who have been there. He still takes his medications with no asking.
    But he now has goals. It will be difficult when other classmates leave for college and he does not. I am not sure he would be ok living away from home. Anxiety gets the best of him at times, but he is able to settle down. Just afraid if he is so far away how that would work. Needs a little more practice, closer to home.

    He is facing many of his stressors, and things that set off anxiety attacks. He is working. He is doing well at this moment. And I know that all of you know, that could change in a split second.

    Looking forward to starting community college and getting him ready to go off on his own.

    Thanks to all on this board who have helped me through these past 12 + years.

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    I LOVE success stories. How wonderful that he did so well. You should be proud of him. If ne wants a college education but can't handle leaving home, he might want to look into online programs for now with an option of taking even one class AT a nearby college? You never know. There are so many options out there nowadays. He should even be able to get supports, like an IEP, at the college level.

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    So glad to hear such a positive update! I know things were rough for so long! You have reason to be proud:)
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    That's so great to hear!! Congratulations!!
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    Congratulations - what a great update!
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    Wonderful! Has he got plans on what he wants to do? difficult child 3 is enrolled at college (computing course) but also trying to complete his high schooling part time (I don't think he will do it, but the college course will replace a high school graduation once he gets his first certificate of completion). The thing is, with the ongoing learning support, difficult child 3's college studies are much more directed towards his abilities and where I think he will eventually go career-wise. He really isn't going to need to be able to analyse Shakespeare, or write poetry. While I'd like him to have a broader education, I'm also a realist.

    So ANY success that any of us can claim for our children, is a success for all and a hope for those of us whose struggles are far from over.

    Thank you for updating us.

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    Congratulations to you and to your difficult child. It is so meaningful to hear a positive update like that. I am very happy for you!
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    It is great to hear of success! Gives me hope.