A very early good Sunday morning, friends.....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by timer lady, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. timer lady

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    As kt has been at respite I spent the entire day yesterday sleeping. :sleeping: In fact, husband had to wake me up for morning medications, then again for lunch medications. My body finally woke up & felt human around 3 or so. :salute:

    Back to bed at 10 & now I seem to be up for the day. But I feel good. Ready to take on the world. :sword: OR it could be a major prednisone mood swing. :rofl: :stalker: :dont_know:

    I've already started some laundry & have a menu of sorts ready for next week. Just need to put in my grocery order & that's handled.

    husband is heading out to visit with wm today. They are building a miniature green house for me. And wm doesn't know it yet, but he will be building one for foster mum for Mother's Day.

    I've a taste for homemade granola this morning & have all the ingredients on hand - I expect I'll be making a batch of that as well. It's that Becky Homecky frame of mind that hits me every now & then.

    Enjoy your Sunday. Here's to a peaceful day with no anger & many reasons to smile. :flower: Hug your loved ones.

  2. mrscatinthehat

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    Linda sounds like you got some well deserved rest. Hope your day today goes well.

    I am just getting ready to lay down for a nap before we head to family session with difficult child 1.

    husband and I finished the painting, hung the light bar, medicine cabinet, toilet papr holder, robe holders, and two towel rings. We have a few more things to hang but decided it was time for a nap before our drive. Hopefully this means Monday he will be doing the vanity/sink so we won't have to brush teeth in the kitchen sink anymore. Ever so slowly it is beginning to look like a room.

    Hope everyone else has a good day.

  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, people.

    Linda, that long sleep seems to have done you good. Don't wear yourself out so much you need another!

    Beth, here's to not cleaning teeth in the sink. I have spent times in my past with inadequate bathroom facilities - times which viewed from the luxury of years now seem amusing. They were not at the time. When you choose to have a cold shower at the beach in your swimsuit in late autumn, rather than manage with buckets and tankwater in the makeshift shower at 'home', then you know it's living a bit rougher than most would prefer.

    We didn't go to the beach today - I would burn for sure if I did, I really had a bit too much yesterday. And by the time it was safe, sun-wise, to go to the beach the forecast storm clouds were moving in.
    We stayed indoors away from the heat, mother in law dropped in for a visit and we played on the Wii with her, much to her surprise. We watched DVDs, we talked, we had some good family time.

    Late in the afternoon, just after the rain began, the local community gardener visited with a basket of fresh-picked surplus to thank us for last week's donation of barrow-loads of manure/compost. I've been cooking, since, with very fresh ingredients.

    Tomorrow mother in law & I go see the neurologist. Also, our very new GP is back from holidays - I have to try to arrange new referrals within the first two hours. Technically we should have a full consult with her before we ask for referrals, but this is urgent.

    The cooler weather will be around for a few days - it will be lovely to not have to worry about the heat for a few days. Despite the afternoon's storms, I'm still sitting here in front of a fan, in a sleeveless cotton dress, drinking iced water.

    I love summer, but occasionally I wish I could slip through a portal for just a few minutes' chill and snow.

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :good_morning: Good Sunday Morning Friends :good_morning:

    Linda, glad you were able to get rested yesterday :sleeping:. If you could please send me a little of that granola, I could put it on some vanilla yogart this morning for breakfast.

    Beth, glad you got the painting finished :thumbsup: sounds like you are really close to having that bathroom! I hope family session is productive today.

    Marg, the fresh produce sounds great! I have to say that the strawberries and blueberries that our grocer is getting know are actually better than the summer ones. But man, are they expensive :checkwriter: I spent $10 on two containers of strawberries and $10 are four little tiny (and I mean tiny - like a 1/4 pint) containers - 2 blueberry, 1 rasberry, 1 blackberry.

    Had a nice relaxing day yesterday. Teaching Sunday school then church this morning. After that easy child and I are making a run to the grocers for some salmon for dinner - the weather is nice today so we thought we would grill some salmon with garlic and ginger. Then we are going to run to the costume store (of course difficult child wants to go on this run!!) so she can pick up a monocle and a cheap tophat. She is going to a Batman birthday party on Friday and she is going to be, in her words, a sexy Penguin :you_go_girl:! She already has the vest and some black leggings. My cousin has a cutaway she is going to borrow, and one of her friends has the long cig holder.

    Couple little things to do to get ready for the week this afternoon. But, it should be pretty quiet. difficult child does want to play "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" this afternoon. He got it for Christmas and he, easy child, and I played it last Sunday afternoon. Instead of being a contenstant, he just wanted to read the questions. I think he enjoyed how little easy child and I knew :smile:!!!!!!!

    Have a relaxing and peaceful Sunday :thumbsup:

  5. Coookie

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    Good Morning All,

    Sorry I can't address you all individually but hoping for a peaceful day for all. :smile:

    I'm off to get ready for work. :smile: I love my job but seems that work is all I do now. :frown:

    Oh Well...

  6. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    Good morning linda, LDM and Marguerite. It's a good morning with the temps going down a bit I hope.

    We took Sat. off and explored a little of our new state. Ended up on Potter's Highway and visited a potter who owns "Jugtown". Obvious jokes aside, we got to poke around the kiln and where they throw clay for pots. It's been there for quite a long while. I saw a piece on it on NC public TV and went to explore. I bought a clay jar with a salt glaze finish(I think that's what they call it) The puppies joined us on our long adventure and got to poke around the chicken coop. Finally drove through Pinehurst. Lovely, lovely area. NC is really beautiful with a strong sense of history.

    Today we have a to do list. Sigh.

    No news from either easy child or difficult child. Guess that's good. easy child returns from working in Orlando next Saturday and leaves Monday for his second semester. He is much more enthused than before. I'm going to have to make a trip up to that part of the world to visit my son's very shortly.

    Hope your day is a good one.
  7. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Linda, I know you'd rather not spend so much time sleeping, but right now (to me) that sounds glorious! I hope your day in the kitchen goes well and your granola turns out yummy.

    Beth, your bathroom sounds like it's coming along nicely. I think H will be working on the exterior of our addition today! Yipppeeee - I can't wait until the outside is done so he can start the inside...that will be interesting.

    Marg, good luck at the neuro. As you know, it's winter here and the sound of you sitting on the beach or in a cotton dress drinking iced water sounds lovely to me. I love summer.

    Sharon, it sounds like you're in for a really nice day. I love the 'Sexy Penguin" costume - sounds like fun!

    H and I just finished breakfast, difficult child is still sleeping. I am heading out today to check out 3 nursing homes/assisted living places for my mom. Her condition has really deteriorated and my sister in PA is trying to find a gerontician to review her medications, etc., to see if they aren't part of why she's losing it so fast. I feel guilty saying it, but I wish she would go peacefully before we are forced to place her in a home. It's something she's always feared and been adamant about not doing. I weep inside for her - I know she's scared. The places I am looking at seem nice, but I have to get inside before I can make any determinations. I am glad at least that we're moving her up here to CT where she can have more family around for visiting. Maybe she won't be so lonesome then. I don't know.

    Have a nice day everyone~