A Way to forget your Woes and Pray for someone

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Jen, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Jen

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    My sister in law sister is only 50 yrs old. She was diagnosed with breast cancer around 5 yrs ago. It was due to hormones suggested by the Doctor, with improper follow up in blood work. She was doing well but it was already into lymph nodes, surgery was performed. It has came back with a vengenance 6 months ago, adn now it is just a matter of time. She has 2 girls age 10 adn 13. They are now with my brother and sister in law 10 hours away from Mom and Dad that is how they wanted it. Really puts us in our place and our problems. I am just asking that you keep her in your prayers. That she is comfortable with the pain from the mets, and the peace that her children will indeed be ok.

  2. WhymeMom?

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    May peace find your sister in law and let her watch over her children as they grow....
  3. SunnyFlorida

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    Sorry for the sadness in your family Jen. Medical issues are so tragic for a couple so young.
    Gentle hugs for you all.
  4. KFld

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    I know there are no words that will make a difference. Her and her family will be in my prayers!!
  5. Sunlight

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    I thought of your situation with her all day yesterday and pray for some hope and peace.
  6. 1905

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    I'm so sorry. I'm glad she is not in pain and is comfortable knowing her kids will be cared for. Saying a prayer......-Alyssa
  7. Suz

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    I'm sorry, Jen. I'm sending good thoughts. That's so sad.