? about Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for a coworker with a difficult child (m)

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He's in the court system now for drugs, theft, etc. His probation officer is trying to get him into an Residential Treatment Center (RTC). She was notified y'day that a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) had been found. Our mental health coverage is rather crappy and she's still trying to pay for the last Residential Treatment Center (RTC) he was in last summer. If RTCs are court-ordered do you have to pay for them out of pocket? If so and you can't afford it can the court force you to do this?


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In California the PO can get them placed by going before the Judge. If the Judge agrees with this, he is then placed and the state pays until the period that the parents are called in to agree to make monthly child support payments. They take into account what you can afford to pay at that time.

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Hard to know - depends on the state. Does this difficult child qualify for medical assistance? That may help the situation.

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We're in Louisiana and no, based on co-worker's income alone they do not qualify for any type of assistance. Its even been pointed out to her that she could emancipate him or turn him over as a ward of the state (he's 16, almost 17) but she refuses. Personally I think she's in denial - saying that people are just picking on her difficult child, he's just being set up, its all a big misunderstanding, etc. He's on parole for criminal mischief, criminal damage to property and something else since before Katrina and theft right after Katrina, he was arrested at school a couple of months ago on felony drug charges, he's made multiple suicide attempts (as recently as two weeks ago), and I can't even count the number of times he's physically hurt my co-worker to the point of her needing medical treatment. She just buries her head in the sand and says "he really didn't mean it."


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in PA we had to pay child support to the juvenile justice system based on income...for Residential Treatment Center (RTC). then husband's wages were attached.