ack, another fire- same house-across the street

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    ALl day I kept walking around saying hey I smell fire.....whats burning. Well, dang husband and easy child had a rift and husband accidentally set my poor dogs fur on fire, for petes sake!!!!!! BUT thats not what the fire was. I smelled it before the dog and after, and it was not the same type burining smell- you know fur and hair has one smell- this was not the same.

    The man who killed his 2 month old recently here? His house - well his parents house- is across street from me and it has already burnt is currently in court as arson.gang related- yeesh!
    NOw today I just took a ride to town and I see- ACK! it burned again today!

    This is scareing me, this neighborhood. It is really in a negative transition. and I sure cannot afford to move, nor do I have the ability in other ways to move-----but----the neighborhood is becoming a bad place to be. And their activities are dangerous enough- someone innocent could easily get hurt. <sigh>
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    That is very scary! No where is really safe anymore, is it. Just please be extra careful and try to be safe. And tell husband to be more careful too! I hope your dog is ok. Hugs, ML
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    My kids now verbalized- they think the people there have a meth lab..for goodness sakes. I hope they make the people leave or something, (I am hoping they are renting) cuz those people are making me nervous.
    I sure do NOT understand how they can have a thrid fire there, when it was already determined the first 2 WERE arson? But I am also confused becuz I know as of Friday the main son, - he was still in jail (could not post his bond for killing his 2 month old) SO I am not sure how this newest fire occured.
    Never woulda thunk 20 years ago my sleepy happy lil neighborhood would decline into this.
    darned husband, now HE is another story entirely. Oh burning dog was "dogs fault" husband has been in rare form today.....I think he is haveing difficulty with my illness and has to behave in ways to draw attention to himself. How dare mmy liver decide to have a problem..or my dare my rheumatic illness progress?
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    Sorry about husband's behavior. I think burning the dog is a big deal. You may need to contact his doctor.

    Meth production is usually very very stinky. The cops here (one is dad to a long time friend) say they can often smell it even OFF the property. Frequent fires are also a signal.

    I am sorry your neighborhood is in such a negative transition. Are their enough people like you there to do a neighborhood watch? What do the police recommend you do? Maybe the community outreach people will have suggestions?

    While I do not have the liver issues, I empathize with you on the eyes. I will not ever be able to wear contacts again (doctor told me yesterday) and I now have to scrub the lids and use 3 kinds of drops daily. it is really hard. I cannot think of a sense I would hate to lose more.

    Except for touch, so I can feel my kids hug me!

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    Where you're living sounds like one of the places we used to live up in Dayton. By the time I got husband finally convinced to move our (little) kids were so used to drive by shooting that I'd taught them to duck and cover. They did it automatically.

    To this day if a car close by backfires or my kids hear a gun, they duck and cover first, look for the source second. Awful huh.

    You've mentioned using the base facilities, right? Is there any way you can get base housing? I know sometimes the lists can be long, but it's worth it.


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    susiestar- yeah, I had to give up contacts a few years ago. LOL, Ihad not worn them long, so was not really used to them or anything, but....I am nervous becuz there has been some loss of some vision, creeps me out a little. dr gave me an oral medication, but, after reading about it, I decided to wait till I see opthamologist.
    husband has an appointment today....but he is at the moment giving me some difficulty about going. Usually his docs response is simply "well, these things happen, you know he will cycle" husband is already in day treatment.....It is possible there could be odor- we have our waste water treatment plant here on our block as well, 2 doors down. Now THAT does smell....and could possibly cover up any meth lab smell? I just cannot imagine how it could have already had 2 fires in a year that WERE called arson and still have yet one more, now? Altho, maybe rivals did it? I dunno.
    Daisylover- that sounds awful! as a teen and in my early 20s, I lived in a place like that, but I did not have kids. Our house is in what was once a nice neighborhood....sadly with economy how it is and all- doubtful we could sell, our mortgage is um...prolly right there with house value etc....and our maintanance on our house has not been good due to money and my illness...
    I doubt we can live on base. or use base houseing.....not sure that neighborhood immediately off base is any better. Seems nowhere is very safe, really, even when it seems safe, things seem to happen? I joined this police dept thing, and me and difficult child go there and it always has us leaving shaking our heads, becuz the other citizens there are kinda weird. They do not seem to live in the real world, and are really stuck on parking violations and if a serious issue is brought up- it is whitewashed, subject changed....something. We were there this week and when we left, we had had a presentation by a detective. difficult child was horrified becuz the detective stood there and said he lies to suspects, lies to victims, does whatever he has to do to appease everyone and he does not even care if charges can or will stick in court. Well, from being sitting in a courtroom at least 2 and often 4 days a month for the last 3 years or so, (becuz of various things) I can SEE that the police obviously do not work to make solid cases....and even when they do have a semi solid case, our court system is operating much the same way.
    It is rather ironic we moved here 20 years ago from chicago to try to escape the corruption and violence in chicago.
    Well, it is a new day, time for me to get moving and make the best of things best I can. :)