ADD/no co-morbids/I'm afraid, but she's starting Concerta and a school vent

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    My daughter was tested on that computer test for ADD (she isn't hyperactive). She flunked it handily and told the doctor she couldn't concentrate. Just yesterday, she had her three year IEP and the teachers all grinned and told me and hub what a GREAT KID she is and how she has NO attentional problems and wonderful social skills.

    Ok, ok, ok. This kid has fantastic social skills...therefore she knows how to pretend she can concentrate without looking spaced out (even though she is) and she doesn't have the social deficits people expect to see in kids with ADD. Every teacher who did the Connors had her as just a normal kid (grrrrrrrrrrrrrr). N. was at the IEP meeting, but she is very quiet around teachers and tends to tell them what they want to hear. They told her (and us) that since she is doing so well, they want to take her Learning Disability (LD) label away from her and she can have the same supports the other kids have. :sick:

    Today, talking to the doctor she said, "I do well BECAUSE I have supports." (I already told this to the group of teachers at the meeting, but you could tell they didn't buy it). Then she told the doctor she had a very hard time concentrating and organizing and he is starting her on Concerta.

    I have a few questions:

    1/Did anyone else have a non-moody kid who got moody and crazy on Concerta? I'm so afraid it will mess her up because she is so easy. But I'm thinking that kids predisposed to mood problems do worse...I don't know. I guess if she gets cranky I can remove it. They are starting her at 18 mgs. At the end of the week she has to fill out a questionaire. If it didn't help enough, she doubles the dose then fills out the questionnaire again. If she still isn't being helped she triples the dose and he told us most kids are age need the triple dose. Then she again fills out the questionnaire and we have another visit. Help me feel less afraid to do

    Another question: How would you feel about the Learning Disability (LD) supports being removed from your child who says she is doing well BECAUSE of the supports? She doesn't use them THAT much. She goes to Resource twice a week (her choice) for help and has her math questions read to her. They do have tutoring there for all kids and one special study hall with only five kids in it, which she could still be in. She could also have her books read to her on tape...reading is a big problem for her. She has an auditory processing problem and was also diagnosed with reading and spelling disabilities.

    Although I realize this isn't as dire as so many of your circumstances, and I feel kind of bad about that, I trust you guys to have good advice. Thanks in advance to anybody who can help. It is so frustrating that teachers tend to believe THEIR assessments over the parents and even what the kids say.
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    i know how hard this is for you.

    i dont have a non-moody kid but just wanted to tell you my moody one started at 18mg too---we knew SO fast concerta was a problem for her that i was hesitant to give it on day 2, but did, thinking it was just because it was "new", and by after school day 2 i knew, for her, it was the devil drug from h%ll. mine didnt have some subtle change in mood-she had dramatic symptoms.

    obviously, it could have been VERY specific to my difficult child.

    i'm only telling you this because if you will see side effects, you should see them asap...and at least its a fast in/fast out.

    if i had to do it over again i think i would have started it on a weekend so i could have her in front of me the whole day to really observe the whole thing for myself. no so much to gauge for improved focus, but to watch for side effects.

    and, if it were me, i'd fight to the end for Learning Disability (LD) supports for a KID who is telling you she benefits from them--and i wouldnt make apologies for myself for doing so...did her Learning Disability (LD)'s magically get cured according to the SD?
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    Miss KT did well on Concerta, for a while, but we'd maxed out the dosage after a year or so. That's when we switched to Straterra. That lasted about two years, then we were on to Adderall. Four years later, it's back to Ritalin.

    If your daughter knows she does well because of the supports, I'd fight like crazy to keep those supports in place.