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    I have been losing my hair at an alarming rate in the past few years. I started noticing it in the year or so after I had my hysterectomy and asked my GP about it and had my hormone levels checked. I figured maybe it was me going into menopause. Nope. Everything was okay. Then I figured maybe it was stress. Jamie was in the Marines and Cory was being a pain and mom was still alive then. I had stress galore. I figured it would settle down eventually. Nope. Then I just figured it must be a medication and I would acclimate to it and eventually it would quit. Well it seemed to get a bit better or I adjusted to it all. We just referred to me as the shedder. We prayed I would never be near a crime scene because I would leave extreme amounts of evidence behind!

    Well after the meningitis it got so much worse that I was having handfuls of hair come out any time I ran my hands through my hair or brushed may hair or even washed my hair. People were commenting on it when I got my hair cut. So I went to my doctor again and got the hormones and thyroid checked again. Everything came back normal again. So he decided to send me to a dermatologist. My appointment was today.

    Very interesting appointment.

    She said that she thinks I have this certain type of hair loss going on. I cant remember the exact name. It is not familial type baldness because I am not losing my hair at the top. She wants to check my thyroid more extensively going into the T3 and T4 which is what I asked my other doctor to do but he only would do the basic test. She is also checking all my hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone) instead of just the estrogen like my other doctor. Sigh. She also gave me shots of cortisone in my scalp to start the treatments. Interesting. Felt like bees stinging me. I have now had shots in the most interesting She also gave me some foam to rub into my scalp. I think we are onto something. She said with the look of my skin...dry...she really thinks its my thyroid. I do too.

    So maybe I will get the thyroid medications and feel better and get the hair going better too. And she was really nice...a perk!
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    Sounds like this doctor was a good add. :D

    And if it is can get fam doctor to add endocrinologist to the list and you can get your levels straightened out. Hmmm, you might drop alot of the weight if it is thyroid. easy child did once her medications made it to the right levels. She's going in to have it done again. doctor wanted to wait awhile after Brandon was born to see if it would really need adjusted.

    I so believe correct dxes depends on finding the right docs. Just cuz they have a degree (or several) doesn't mean they know what they're doing.

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    Lisa...if it is thyroid I I could probably drop a lot of weight if they would stop making mini eclairs! Those things are so good and so addicting. I hardly eat anything all day but come nighttime I have to have my mini eclairs. Or some darned sweet thing. Seems I cant take my medications without something sweet. Sigh. I cycle through whatever the sweet of the month is.
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    Ouch on the shots in the scalp!
    Good thing the dermatologist was nice though huh.

    Ya know I have had severe hair loss since getting on the Abilify...I think it's medication related for me. Hope you find out whats goin on if it's thyroid or other.

    Thinking of you,
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    MIni eclaires are satans snack.
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    Sounds like you've got a good doctor there and are well on your way to getting this figured out.

    As for the sugar cycling? Uh huh....right now mine is 100 Grand bars. I nibble the chocolate/puffed rice off the ends, the sides, the top....then lick or hoover the chocolate off the bottom and THEN eat the caramel. I look like a four year old who's been making mud pies when I'm done but it's goooooooooooooooood.
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    I had a thought -

    If I could get the hair on my head to grow like the hair under my armpits I'd never worry about my hair falling out again. Or MAYBE the trick is to take whatever is going on with your head and swap it with your armpits, upper lip and bottom of your calves cause I can tell you for sure - my hair on my head fell out in clumps and I had baldspots.....I can't get a doctor to do the PROPER and UTTERLY complete Thyroid test. Nope - even thought I KNOW I have a nodule? They want to do an ultrasound first. UGH.

    So in the mean time - I've learned why men like to grow beards, why European women think hairy underarms are okay, and wear long pants because the hair on those places grow and the hair on my head falls out. :(
    Personally I think I have adrenal fatigue. Or Non-Addisons, but I can't get anyone to take me seriously. :tongue:. My doctor said adrenal fatigue is not a "real" disorder/disease.
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    I'm glad you found a doctor that you like. And who listens. Isn't that such a nice change?

    I hadn't heard of cortisone shots in the scalp before. Now you can say your brain is on steroids. :tongue:

    I hope this works. I hope they figure it out.
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    When my thyroid was off, I was losing tons of hair--not that one could tell since I have enough for 3 or 4 people, but after each shower I would find a big wad in the bottom of the shower---ugh. My skin was also very, very dry.
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    EW...when this started I had really think hair. It was also had body. Not curl but body. Now my hair is poker straight and it is getting thin. I can tell if no one else can.
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    Then obviously it's a good thing I've never had them. ;):tongue:

    I don't do sweets that much. (thank God or I'd be a zillion pounds I swear) I get sick of them easily. Or I tell myself I do. I got good at this when I was younger as husband and I were barely putting food on the table. Was no spare cash for sweets of any sort.

    Munchies are another matter all together. And they cycle. My mainstay is pretzels, I literally pick all the salt off. Have to for the kidneys. But I cycle thru them. Years and years it was sunflower seeds. Bad teeth put an end to that. Popcorn. Dry cereal. (which is good if your craving sweet as it's not actually as sugary as it tastes) And shredded cheeses.

    Now in the sweet dept. I've found I can not buy chocolate ice cream and sugar cones. The combination is lethal. I will not stop eating it until it is gone.:faint::ashamed: