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    I received a request for a research interview today. I'm short on time, so kinda did it on the fly.

    What did I forget to say?

    Short preference from researcher:

    "I am researching children with ADHD and whether they are overdiagnosed."

    1. You say ADHD is not overdiagnosed, yet millions of children are prescribed with drugs for having the mental disorder. How do you resolve this apparent contradiction?

    2. Some medical experts prefer a pharmacological treatment; others a behavioral and psychological methodology citing the dangers in Concerta, Adderall and Ritalin. Which do you prefer? Why?

    3. With all of the available literature on ADHD, how do we determine what to believe and what not to accept?

    4. Do you feel students of college-age and above self report their own attention deficit hyperactivity disorders?

    5. The New York Times reported several stories on the abuses of ritalin and concerta on a college campus, especially around finals. What's your experience in this realm? Is this a problem that is going overlooked?

    Thank you for your interest. I regret that I don't have time to write this in a more eloquent fashion and check for typos, but I'm trying to meet an inflexible deadline.

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    Interesting bit about abuse around finals. One of the cautionary guides I have
    asked for in the IEP is that the completion of work be steady. I think the danger for ADHD and others is getting "hooked" on the adrenaline surge when the deadline is looming and the procrastination pattern is learned.
    Having a sane and steady as she goes patern and not having intense battles over assignments, and having the expectation that after school there is some
    pure down time to counteract the hyperhyper drive.
    The 504 accomidations for college for the adhd learner, I wonder, how are those figured in?
    It is good that their is some inquiry into this topic. Seems like their is plenty of room for all sorts of improvements.
    Thanks for sharing that.
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    Thank you for addressing different "conditions" that can "look" like ADHD. I have one DS that does have ADHD and another DS that has Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) (Auditory Processing Disorder)... and while sometimes they can act out in the same manner... their issues are very different!
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    Thank you!! More people need to understand that MANY kids would fit the criteria for ADHD if they only go by that **** teacher and parent form. My son met it and I knew he wasn't ADHD and his pediatrician said he wasn't, as well. I think it was the common diagnosis for so long that any time a kid couldn't sit still or focus or got in trouble, and then people look at a form that says "has the kid EVER done abc", people just automatically jump to ADHD- even many pediatricians, tdocs and psychiatrists got to that point. I have reached a point that I don't have a lot of faith in diagnosis's of "ADHD and ODD".

    Good job, Sheila!!
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    I think you did great. I also like the comparision to diabetes or a heart condition. People should realize that medications are not a cop out. I also think it is great how you spoke to all of the conditions that ADHD gets misdiagnosed as. I hope that your interview helps with awareness somehow.
  6. Sheila

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    He was pretty intensive trying to get the info. Since I responded I haven't heard a word from him -- not even a "thanks." Maybe he hasn't had time, or maybe he didn't like what I had to say. lol
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    HA Ha!! Sheila- you might be right!! Oh, well, I wouldn't take it too personal!