Hello all... Well, I finally got a response to my letter to the SD...(have I gone too far? post). Nonetheless, it's just further served to tick me off!

So, my first question is How do I find an educational advocate? I've searched and can't seem to find anything?

Should I try to get his Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) actively involved? She seems put off by what the school has been doing. If so, what can she do?

Should I send a cert letter demanding a new IEP evaluation? I want homework written out of his's total melt-down distress every night to get it done. The work should take about 10-20 minutes I would think...we take hours. Last night for instance, was a 2 and 1/2 hour struggle to get very little done...he still went to bed with most of it unfinished. :frown:

Is no homework something that they are going to fight me on?

I don't know...I'm so tired :mad:


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I can't answer the advocate question but I can answer the homework issue. We've dealt with homework 3 ways with difficult child through his 504 and then IEP. The different ways were: doing as much as he could in 20 minutes and then stopping, no homework at all, and now he does his homework during his "study". The school has a Special Education. teacher in a classroom where those that have a 504 or IEP go and work during their study. She oversees the homework and no work comes home.


Whether or not you can find a local, on-site advocate depends upon where you live. I don't know anything about the school code of WVA, but I picture the state as rural, which does not improve your odds of finding an advocate. Even an attorney won't help--you need an attorney with deep expetise in Sp Ed. law.

WCF outlines the homework options nicely. Your family life should not be further destroyed by homework wars. Both Sheila and I have had homework restricted for our kids. I did a combo of #2 and #3--written into the IEP. It kept ex-difficult child in public school for two years longer than otherwise would have been possible.

You REALLY need someone who knows Special Education law. You can take the social worker--because no one should go alone--but the person who is the most likely candidate to become an expert on sp ed law is YOU, if you cannot find an advocate.

Hi All,

Yes, I tried the yellow pages for kids and couldn't find anything. WV is pretty rural in general, but I live in the Eastern Panhandle which is considered more of a Difficult Child metro's not helping.

Thanks for the input!


Hi! I found several links to help you out!! If these do not help or are not what you are looking for, please feel free to call my advocacy group that I use and they can give you some contact names and numbers for W. Virginia. She has told me many times that if we move, she can put me in contact with organizations in other states.
Families Helping Families 1-888-989-0315
Here are a link I found for West Virginia, I hope it helps! My advocate has been my angel!