Ahhh....gotta love those natural consequences

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kt is in the "boy crazy" phase. Terrifies the bejeebers out of me. Having said that, she also struggles daily with upkeep in the personal hygiene area - though she is doing better.

Let's just say that she doesn't have a boyfriend & I'm okay with that! :smile: It will come soon enough.

As my allergies have hit big time, I can tolerate kt's lack of personal hygiene for the near future. I know I should feel guilty over this little thrill of reality, but I'm loving not having to deal with the boyfriend issue. :rofl:

by the way, this may not last long as there is a boy named Tim who kt is gaga over.

I'm just not ready for this stuff. :surprise:



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I was always the opposite - not boy crazy and particularly picky about my appearance. Not my sister, though. She just didn't care. Drove my mother crazy!!!! Although, neither of us was particularly boy crazy.

Our easy child is only 8, but already giggles about boys. Luckily for us, she doesn't like any of the boys she actually knows - she's in 'love' with one of the boys from Disney's Naked Brothers Band show. Hee hee. Guess we're safe for now. :smile:

Hang in there, Linda!!

I know what you mean about not being ready!!! It's even tough with a easy child!!! My easy child spends so much time in the bathroom that we ought to move her bed in there... :rofl:!!! Anyway, I'm glad you're looking on the bright side - If it improves kt's hygiene, it's a definite plus!!! Maybe we could hook up my difficult child 1 and kt!!! Sometimes I think he just turns on the water in the shower without even getting in!!! He needs to be bleached and boiled!!! :rofl: WFEN :bath:


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Boyfriend issues...gosh, I wouldn't even want to imagine. LOL Sort of gives me one reason to be thankful I had boys! LOL


Chuckling over the natural consequences.

I don't hear anything from difficult child about "girlfriends," however, based on how often he washes his hair (or lack thereof) I think it's safe to assume he doesn't have a heart-throb at the present time. Next week could be a different story. lol

Sympathizing with, "I'm just not ready for this stuff." Me, too. Sigh....

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My 17ddgfg has seriously BAD hygiene issues and I would have thought that they would improve when she started getting boyfriend's. But I was wrong. She's still very bad about her personal hygiene and STILL gets boyfriend's. I am scratching my head in wonder, really and truly. I don't understand how anyone would want to get close enough to kiss her with her smelling like that and her teeth looking so bad. Ugh. I feel guilty saying it, but it's true.

Enjoy the reprieve while it lasts...lol.

I can sympathize! Aly has "discovered" boys as well, UGH!! She also has horrendous personal hygeine issues. Whenever I suggest she take a shower or at least clean "certain parts and change her underwear" she goes into meltdown mode.

Now that "J" is here for his respite weekend, she is suddenly asking to shower! OH BROTHER! But I do understand why, he is adorable and so nice to Aly. She is loving having a built in friend!

She also has been cutting out pics from teen mags and pasting them onto poster board and putting them up on her walls. I would say 3/4 of the pics are of cute tweens or teens, mostly from High School Musical and of course, mostly Corbin Bleu!! I have to admit that Corbin is a cutie!!

Didn't someone at some point on this site mention wanting a Chastity belt for their child? I am thinking that might not be too bad an idea! LOL!!



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Ugh- I'm not ready either!

easy child#1 - he's 12 - has been crazy for a girl all year and has asked her out and been turned down a couple of times because she had a boyfriend. Well, she is free now so he asked her out again. She said she didn't know. He's still waiting for her to answer yes or no. So his best friend asks her out last night - she hasn't answered but has told easy child she wants to go out with said friend. Best friend still isn't sure he will go out with her because of easy child, but is leaning towards going out. We had lots of text messaging drama last night and poor easy child is mad at his best friend and heartbroken.

easy child has discovered hygiene this year but draws the line at brushing his teeth. I have to force him most of the time.

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easy child spends lots of time showering, cleaning her face, doing her hair, etc... Although sometimes even she doesn't shower often enough. She had her first boyfriend last fall which thankfully didn't last that long.

As for difficult child thankfully he is a bit too young for the girlfriend thing. As for hygiene well mostly it's in the pits! He barely ever brushes his teeth and getting him to shower is iffy. However, recently they had human growth & development-some of the stuff he didn't need to hear yet :surprise:but he has been using deodorant daily! Of course, he has to make a huge ordeal out of it and even put it on in front of grandma and grandpa last weekend-then asked if they wanted to smell :rolleyes:

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I got a good giggle out of the natural concequences. :grin:

I was very lucky with my girls. Neither went the "boy crazy" route. :whew:


difficult child hasn't hit the boy crazy stage, yet. As reserved as she is, though, I'm not sure I will know if and when she does. At a sleep over about a year ago, 2 of the girls were giggling over this boy or that and difficult child and another girl were playing with dolls.

Getting difficult child into the shower is a battle. She does use deodorant, however it's hit and miss with that.