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    :hellosoldier::hawaii_girl::sushi::beach: :beach_ball:

    Ok, I know this is a stretch, but I have sent resumes out all over the place- around here, within a 200 mile radius, and a couple for jobs far away but they pertained to both the field I'm in now and my military experience. I have not had any luck yet- the only thing I have heard is that one office around here is keeping me in mind if they get work that I have experience in. Then, I got a phone message from someone in Hawaii saying they want to do a phone interview for a position there. I have called back but had to leave a message. It is true because the area code was for Hawaii and it was a military base I was calling. I'm trying not to get my hopes built up but I am facing losing my home at this point. I used to work in similar type bases when I was in the military, my current field is a position similar to what they need, they need someone who qualifies for a security clearance and I had a clearance in the military. difficult child wants us to stay where we are but I'm thinking Hawaii might take the sting off that. LOL!

    I had a chance to work for the military several years ago but they wanted to send me to Iraq so that was out- I had difficult child and there was no way I was leaving him for someone else to raise so I could work in a war zone. I figured I did my time before.


    Any good thoughts and nekkid chicken dances are greatly appreciated!!
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    That could And big burly MP's to keep him in line!
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    Good point, Janet! I think difficult child would have a darn good chance of keeping his butt on the right track in a situation like that- especially since he's experiencing JROTC now. Plus, he'd probably get into spending his spare time at the beach scouting for girls and forget all about illegal activity. LOL!
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    Ooh! I am doing the hula right now!!! I even have a coconut handy, one for a gift for mother in law!
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    I wonder if they pay moving would be a deal breaker otherwise.
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    Do some research on cost of living in Hawaii before you go further. It is outrageous due to everything having to be shipped in.

    There is also quite a bit of ethnic tension in the state. If you can handle paying 5 dollars for a gallon of milk, that is one thing.

    I know that back when husband was in the service Hawaii was considered a great posting for single soldiers, but rotten for families.
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    Thanks for the tip, GN! I'm hoping they will call back- I didn't call until late this afternoon due to the time difference but said in my message that they could reach me today or tomorrow so maybe I'll hear something back tomorrow. I just desparately need something to come thru. There are websites that convert salaries- or equate them- based on difference of cost of living. I had forgotten but if I get the phone interview I'll look this up.
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    He just called- I have a phone interview set up for Friday!!!
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    WOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Think positive until you have reason to consider the negatives.

    I was born in Hawaii and went to Maui after I graduated from college a billion years ago so I have very special feelings for that part of our country.

    Good luck, good luck, GOOD LUCK!!!

    (besides, think of all of the company you will get if you move to Hawaii.....what's your new address??? ;) )

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    Thanks, Suz! We can definitely have the next board get-together there if I'm there!! difficult child called and here's the conversation about this-

    Me: difficult child I have a phone interview set up for Friday.

    difficult child: That's good, Mom!

    Me: It has to be over the phone because the place is far away and it would mean we'd have to move if I got it.

    difficult child: Uhmmm...ok, where?

    Me: Hawaii

    difficult child: (Chucking) Ohhh, welllll, OK MOM!!

    difficult child: Which island?

    Like it matters. LOL! I'm sitting here unemployed about to lose our home and have no frigging way to figure out how to hold my life together much less meet parole requirements so difficult child can come back hom, but like a true difficult child, it matters which island. LOL!

    I didn't fuss at him. I am trying not to get excited. I had no idea this would even get to an interview stage- I just filled out an application online for government jobs and it asked what locations I would be willing to work so I went clicking the locations within a 200 mile radius of me but when I saw Hawaii I figured WTH and clicked it, too.
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    Keeping my fingers crossed!!
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    How exciting! Fingers crossed for you!
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    Shoot...I would go for it if they offer. I think the salaries are pretty much adjusted for the area. Even if you have to struggle a bit, it is better to struggle a bit in a nice place than really, really struggle in a place you hate. There are benefits to working for the government like the commissary.
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    Now this sounds like a potential great opportunity! I also agree with Janet about struggling in a place like Hawaii! And the benefits of a government job! I will cross fingers and toes for you. For this upcoming interview and also for more opportunities for you so that you can weigh them all and come up with the perfect new path for you :).
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    WOW!!! I have a friend who had 2 of her 4 kids in Hawaii and the other 2 in Guam. A part of the high cost of living is due to many people not taking advantage of the produce grown there. If you can substitute some of that for the regular produce you eat it does help. So would a copy of the Complete Tightwad Gazette. difficult child might even think some of the ideas are cool. My kids do.

    I will keep my fingers crossed!!!
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    Thanks, Ladies! It's a good thing I checked into the difference in cost of living and salaray comparisoms- it is a LOT different (Bless you for the reminder!!). This is a long shot, I know- not only would they have to decide to hire me, but they would have to be willing to pay to relocate me and from what I've read on some other sites, this is negotiable if they really need someone there. Ok, they would probably have to pay someone to relocate to Hawaii for this job so that's not too much of a stretch. Then, they would have to start me out at one of the higher steps for that GS level- I'm not sure I can get them to do that. But, you know, I don't think it's feasible to ship my 8 year old car over there even though it's paid for. Maybe I can discuss that with them- obviously I have to have transportation. The problem is that my car is paid for but it's 8 years old so I can't expect to get much for it selling it quickly, which means I'd end up with car payments over there.

    I scouted online for more job openings today and found three so sent resumes to them. It's just discouraging because SOoooo many people are looking for work. My field is picking up but it's at a snail's pace and I really don't want to lose the house before then. I don't know what I would do without having an income. Even if I bit it and went to my mom's temporarily, there is no work there. I don't know of any other option than to put my dogs in a shelter- telling them it's temporary- and go to a shelter myself.

    I got a letter from difficult child. He says he's ok now about moving- even if it's not to Hawaii but he thinks that idea is pretty funny. I had told him on the phone that IF I got this job, I would have to move there before he's released but since he's only got a few mos left, we would call and write til then and not see each other until his release. Then, I would fly in and get him and take him straight there. It's hard not to fantasize about this. It would solve the problem about the PO because I'm sure we'd be living where it would be easier for difficult child to use public transportation and stuff. And I'm sure difficult child is fantasizing about them unlocking the door and him announcing to everyone where he's going. LOL!

    Now, is there going to be any problem flying my dogs there if I get the job? At least it wouldn't be in the middle of summer but let's say it's late October? I'm assuming that they would not hire me over the phone so if they were pretty interested after this phone interview tomorrow, they might fly me out for an interview in a week or so. I'll leave my dogs here if that happens and have someone take care of them. Then again, being a government job, they might have ties with someone around here that would interview me in person for them and save the trip. All I know is that I have to have some answers very soon. It will take me some money to get stuff moved out of this house and into storage no matter why I'm moving out.
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    Wow!!! Imagine me doing the chicken dance while praying hard and keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

    Stop snickering.:tongue:

    My sis lived in Hawaii for several years. Her husband was stationed at the Army base. Cost of living is very high on many things, low if you learn where to look and how to shop. So take that into account when they quote salary and benefits. Might ask if you could use the commessary? Do they still have those or have they been phased out? If you could do at least some of your shopping on base it would probably be lots cheaper.

    If they contacted you, odds are you've got a shot at them helping foot the bill to move. Maybe not all, but even part would be a huge help. Many jobs pay to relocate new hires that are perfect for the job just so they don't have to go thru the nonsense and bother to train someone else. Or in your case try to find someone with the security clearance.

    Ask plenty of questions, even if you think they're a bit *out there* cuz it's better to know up front than to be left wondering where you stand later down the road. You're interviewing them too, you know.

    Hawaii huh? Well shoot. Why can't husband ever find these darn jobs? He was 14 yrs Army with a very high clearance...........Oh, well. Better YOU than some stranger. :D

    Now when you get nervous.........just think of me doing the chicken dance, praying, with my fingers and toes crossed........and for Pete's sake don't crack up laughing on the phone. :D

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    LOL!! Thanks, Lisa! My thought is that if they were in Texas, they wouldn't pay to locate me. But, let's face it, if they can't find what they are looking for in their own state of Hawaii, they are probably going to have to pay for relocation anyway.
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    I think it would be practical to expect some type of assistance in relocation costs if they cannot locate a person to fill the position in state. I like the comment that you are interviewing them too!
    I wouldn't concern myself TOO much about cost of living changes if you are willing to smart shop, alter some shopping habits if needed. The advice about produce changes makes perfect sense. I'm sure they have amazing local fruits etc in that lovely climate.
    Regarding the car, if shipping is astronomical, even a quick sale of your car, combined with the savings from shipping, might help you purchase a used car of similar value there anyhow. Worth looking into if the job is offered. Do you have auto trader magazine there? Perhaps if it works out, you could post a online advertisement to some sites that people there use for classifieds, posting your budget and what type of car you are looking for etc.
    It's Friday. The interview is today right? Best of luck and I just know if this isn't the job for you, you're going to find something amazing anyhow. Its going to work out. I know it!
  20. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member Staff Member remember that it could be that you could find a car from someone military who cant ship their car home from Hawaii either due to financial reasons. You can also get tons of stuff cheap or free on the base on freecycle or craigslist because of the guys shipping out. Plus...if you make friends with them...if they go on assignment to japan, you can get them to bring you back cheap electronics! TV's and computers for great