Am I the only one watching Des on The Bachelorette?


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Yeah, I know, most of us swore we wouldn't watch that series again BUT :sorrysmiley: I've been watching and Suz or Kathy or ??? I really want to know what happened "unexpectedly" that changed the end of this feature. I'm guessing that the guy Des "fell for" took a hike and she ended up with a choice of two guys instead of three. OR maybe her difficult child brother did something. Who knows? DDD


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Hi DDD. I am half-heartedly watching because I find this the most boring season ever. I have read the spoilers, though, so I know who wins and what the speculation is for the "most dramatic season ending ever filmed on the bachelor." Even the audience members rolled their eyes when Chris said that last night.

Let me know if you really want to know and I will PM you what the spoilers say happened in the end.



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I'm watching too although just not as interested. I am not excited about any of the guys. Not sure if she ends up with anyone or nor