Amazing husband!!!

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    This am I was still awake when husband got up. I made some pretty clear suggestions that when he has no job scheduled he should put in some real time working around the house. There are a LOT of things that needs to be done badly and he is the only one who can really do them.

    Things like fixing the bathtub drain that he clogged well over a month ago (tried to use a mini snake of the as-seen-on-tv variety to get out hair without taking out the drain stopper thingy and the snake broke off), dishes that he let sit, sometimes for weeks, rather than take ten minutes to wash or two minutes to put away or twenty seconds to tell Tyler to put away or Jessie to wash.

    The house still looks like we lived through a tornado and a hurricane, but he has made some SERIOUS progress. It will only be for today, maybe tomorrow, but I LIKE it!

    He actually got the stopper out of the drain without having to ruin anything cutting the stopper apart, WASHED both tubs (just the part that holds the water, not the rim or surround - but the tubs look wonderful!), and put away a LOT of the dishes he handwashed.

    I am just so thankful that he got his ash up off of the computer chair and found the pair of ears that work today!!!

    Goooooo husband!!!! GOOOOO husband! GOOOOOOOO husband!!!

    And, on top of the 6 full days of work at the bookstore, he also has soccer games on Friday and Sunday that he is going to work at, and a football game on Saturday - the football game is at least 12 hours of work all by itself!! So he is gonna be tired, but also going to have some good paychecks the next couple of weeks!!
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    Woo hoo!

    I'm grinning, too. Unfortunately I can't see or post the smilies here at work!!!
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    Thats terrific! Enjoy your clean tubs (cleaning tubs is the bane of my existence!) and all the other fine touches he did to the house. The work sounds good too, and who can kick about the pay check? I hope your husband keeps it up. Sometimes with a nudge in the right direction, once they get going, they get their old spirit back as well as their self confidence and pride in accomplishment. Go husband!