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    I have been living in France for 18 months now, and I have only just now found out that visits to psychiatrists are reimbursed - that is, free. Went to dinner with friends who told me this and I've just checked it out on the net. That means that instead of the pretty well useless woman we have been seeing once every two months, we could see someone who might actually be able to make a difference for J. Curious thing is that I went to the doctor the other day (for my asthma), he asked me how J was, I said I felt I wasn't getting enough input with him and he said I could see someone in the private sector but of course it was very expensive. Very curious.
    J had a lovely evening, incidentally, playing with my friends' 12 year old boy (who is half Moroccan). They get on well and it was kind of sweet to see how attentive J was to his every word and anxious to do exactly as he said... maybe difficult children should be brought up by older siblings, not parents? :)
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    Well Im glad you had a nice evening with J. I know that I dont have the energy at my age to parent on a full-time basis anymore so I am really glad I had mine when I was young. I cannot imagine having to chase two very hyper little boys all over the place at 50!
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    Actually I think you have hit on something that I had forgotten. Kids do want to mirror older kids. If the older kid is a good kid it can be an awesome learning experience. Glad to hear about the medical coversage, too. Hugs. DDD
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    Thanks, DDD. Yes, this kid is a "good kid"... :) Rather the opposite of J - quiet, slow, reflective and shy... I was impressed with how sensible J was with him, sitting quietly (well, relatively) playing with their "toopies" - spinning things that you doubtless also have in the States - and talking. I would really like to find a mentor figure for him... maybe the Arabic class we have started going to will be a possible lead for that. It could be determinant for him.
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    Malika-Nice that J had such a great evening and very cool that you can be reimbursed for J seeing the psychiatrist!