American Idol...the Ladies


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So what did we all think?

I really liked the last two - Gina and Lakisha. Also Melinda Doolittle was very good. The ladies were head and shoulders above the guys in my opinion.

Im a bit sad we dont have any Carries or For all of you who dont listen to Country...did you know that Kellie Pickler from last year who everyone thought was so country is now topping the country charts? She has really come into her own. What a sweetie. She came to the county next to mine to walk for charity walk. (In her red high

I had a heck of a time getting through last night when calling for Lakisha. I really hope she goes far. She is so good but so real and unassuming. Us large women have to stick


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I thought the girls did much better last night, but I think our home girl is gonna get the boot. Antonella Barba is from my area. I was really hoping she was gonna shine, but sadly, she didn't. Boo hoo.

I liked Lakisha, but I'm kind of tired of that song every season. I've heard that song every season. I thought Jordin, Gina, Melinda, Stephanie and Sabrina did really well. Nicole was good, but that Urban thing really didn't suit her. The judges were spot-on, there. The rest of the girls were dull and boring. However, the number of girls that did well, compared with the boys, was far more.


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I liked Lekesha, Jordin, Gina and Melinda.
Janet, good to hear your a country music lover at heart also. that is all I listen too. I didn't even know Kelly Pickler sang that song until I had the Country Music videos on a few weeks ago and saw her singing it. Where was my head at???

It's funny because I got my 17 year old easy child daughter listening to it also, so it's so nice to get in the car and have the same station on whether it's her car or mine :smile: We are trying to reform her boyfriend over to country, but I don't think that is going to happen :smile:


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Kelly is really popular around When she first came out the radio stations around here were inundated with requests for her songs and they kept her in the most requested songs right up there with Carrie Underwood. They would go 1 and 2 almost everyday.


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I liked Lakisha, Melinda and Sabrina. Antonella should have gone in the Hollywood group sing. The other blond girl in that group was better. Too bad the blond girl couldn't remember lyrics. Sorry for whomever wanted her to go on...don't think its in the cards.

Although I liked Lakisha I didn't think she blew it out of the water. Thought there were points in the song that she just kinda yelled thru, but easy to say for an "armchair" judge.

The women were definitely much better than the boys, and I do mean BOYS. Can't beleive they are going to stick with the even steven gender vote.... The women ought to protest!!!


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I agree that the girls far surpassed the boys last night. Still, there were several clunkers in the mix. I agree with WhymeMom that if the boys/girls skills stay this far apart I sure hope they re-think the even steven final 10.