American Idol

I told husband that if Sundance left the show and Sanjaya made the final 12 I would put my foot through the TV. Thankfully, my sore back prevented that action. I am in shock!!!!

Sabrina and Sundance deserve to be in the final 12. I was in tears (seriously need to get a life here!) when Sabrina was singing her "goodbye song". I just don't get it. Sanjaya should be embarrassed to be included in the final 12.

I am pretty much happy with the rest of the finalists.



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Well I was in such complete and utter shock that I had to get online and PM

I cannot believe they would vote off Sabrina and keep Haley and keep Sanjaya and vote off either Sundance or Jarrod. I am glad Antonella went. Was she really that shocked?

The reaction from the judges was priceless. They were as shocked as we were. Simons reaction was like mine "volume turned down?" I hate it for Sanjaya and Haley but its true. They simply arent in the same league as the others. I would be utterly embarrassed to be Sanjaya to have to keep singing and know what they thought of me.

I really think they need to fix this.


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Janet, I completely agree about the voting. What is it going to take???- Someone like Sanjaya winning the whole thing because of the goofed up voting?

Your PM inspired me to watch the tape way past my bedtime (lol) out of curiosity. I was so sad that Sabrina didn't make it. That was a real travesty.



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I wonder if we all got together and emailed american idol and They have to know about the block dialing...heck I know they do because the wont allow those sites to be mentioned on the message boards.

Maybe they like the controversy.


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dial idol predicted Stephanie to go....Antonella was pretty 4th or 5th. I kinda think the show may have messed with the actual results to get her off. I think she's better off. The girl has had nothing but greif since early on. She'll make more money doing something else now anyway. Better career move for her, I think.

I was sorry to see Sabrina go. I think she was amazing and I really do hope that she gets signed or gets on Broadway or something, cause she really is a good singer.

Sanjaya is bad. I was sorry that Sundance had to go before him, but let's face was highly doubtful that he'd go too far in the competition anyway. He's not as good as some of the others. Still...he's much better, far and above, than Sanjaya.

the other boy that got voted off...He was okay, but the same goes for him...not as good as the others and wouldn't have made it too far after all.


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I agree they got it half right on both sides. Eek. Yeah, Sanjaya will most definitely be on the chopping block next week. And Haley, too. Sabrina really should have stayed. I think she could have gone far into the competition.

There are always surprises on Idol - guess that's the way it goes. Truthfully, the other two - Antonella and Jarrod (was it jarrod?) will be forgotten easily.

I guess we'll still watch, though, won't we??