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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, May 5, 2011.

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    Ok Janet, I will concede that Scotty is awesome. Manster totally wants him to win and for once I'm pretty sure he won't be disappointed.

    I still want James in the top 3. He didn't do great with his first song but the second was really good. I couldn't help but smile when he had to walk away during practice due to extreme emotions. Some may think it immature or attention seeking but he's an aspie... it's what they do. For once I could see the aspie in him.

    Also, Haley really impressed me last night. I would like to see her along with James and Scotty.

    What do others think?
  2. shellyd67

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    ML, they are my top 3 choices also. I will admit I am disappointed Casey was sent home ( he was my fav) I am hoping James wins the whole kit and kaboodle !!!:choir:
  3. Mom2oddson

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    They are also my top 3. I love how Haley has grown throughout this season. Can't decide who I want to be the winner. I like all three of them.
  4. Man, I think they were all awesome last night. I didn't vote this time because I just couldn't pick. Was a huge Jacob fan, but he is not growing as much as the others. Haley blew me away last night. I agree: Haley, James, Scotty final 3! Lauren was awesome as well, but ohhh soooo young! Not sure she could handle a win. James is easy child 3 and difficult child's fav. I just want them all to win, lol!!!
  5. Star*

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    Thank you so much for calling this American Idol. Last time I sat there going "What is A.I.?" I felt like a boob. A.I. in farm world is artificial insemination -and I just kept thinking - noooooooo. lol.......but when that's all you hear about ......(blink blink) I kept thinking.........Think Star .....Think.....and just kept drawing a pun intended.
  6. Suz

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    I'm the loyal Lauren fan in the bunch. I would buy her cd in a heartbeat. She can do pop and country and probably anything else. I also worry about her youth but she is so talented I hope the voters come through.

    I am NOT a Jacob fan. Never have been. I hope he goes tonight.

    Scotty is too ol"tyme" country for my taste but he has a lovely voice.

    I like Haley one song at a time but she isn't very versatile in my humble opinion and they all sound the same to me. I guess she's kind of like Scotty to me...a one note pony.

    James is awesome.

    I would love to see a Lauren - James finale. Both are top notch for me.