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  1. Hound dog

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    Nichole has the first plush of Simba from the Lion King. She got it for her 4th birthday present and we took her to see the movie. It never left her possession, even when she left home. It's the super cuddly baby version of Simba........they stopped making them shortly after she got it and went on to less cute and cuddly ones.

    Just recently Nichole has decided to trust Aubrey with Simba. Aubrey has fallen head over heels for the Lion King movies just as much as her mother did. Aubrey adores Simba.

    Nichole told Aubrey the other day that Simba is afraid of the dark and being alone and needs someone to stay with him and cuddle him at night..........Trying to encourage her to take very good care of him because Simba is still very dear to Nichole.

    "Mom," Aubrey says with all seriousness," You do realize that Simba is just pretend?"

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    This from the princess of pretend.:redface: But since then Nichole has noticed that Simba rarely leaves Aubrey's company. lol
  2. AnnieO

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    How absolutely perfect!!! I can just see it.

    You know... I was almost out of my parents' house, looking at apartments, when the Lion King came out. I was enthralled. And I just realized... That was about 6 light years ago...
  3. 1905

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    That's so sweet!
  4. donna723

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    Oh, how cute! I can just see that happening too!

    I don't know what it is about certain stuffed animals that makes a child love them so much! When my oldest nephew was very little someone gave him a stuffed Snoopy. He had a lot of stuffed animals but this one never left his side. I've never seen another one just like it ... it was only about a foot long and had a body more like a teddy bear than a dog. He carried that thing around literally for years and when it was in the laundry he would sit there and watch it go round and round in the dryer. My sister in law repaired it countless times, replacing stuffing, sewing up ripped seams, and finally sewing on big patches when the cloth got too thin to sew any more. My nephew is now 42 years old and my sister in law still has that little Snoopy - can't bear to part with it. He's all wrapped in tissue, stored in a special box, and he's moved with them several times - they could never part with him.
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    One of the funniest things Tony and I found out about each other was that when we were little was we both had Bunny one eyes. Obviously they were stuffed rabbits that had a missing eye but we were so attached we refused to give them up. The fact that we both had one and both named them the same thing is just one more remarkable point that leads us to think that maybe we were meant to be together by fate. LOL.
  6. HaoZi

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    Too cute!
  7. AnnieO

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    I got a doll for my... Oh... first birthday? Made out of denim, with a red-and-white checked shirt (part of the body), sneakers, huge eyes, brass button nose, yellow yarn hair. I loved her hair all off (like the Velveteen Rabbit). She was REAL. Then I lost her. I forgot she existed for many years. And when I was 20... I was sitting by the Christmas tree... And there was this tissue-paper wrapped, lumpy package from my Grandma to me. I picked it up... No idea... Got one layer of paper off and burst into tears (extremely happy ones!!!). My Mom and Dad were confused. I told them what it was right before I pulled her out. She was a little skinnier, but no stuffing hanging out. She had hair again! Mom was impressed that Grandma had found another one... I told Mom, NO, this is HER, this is the one I have had forever... And proved it... By the nose, where the shine was all dull and rubbed off... And the crayon marks, faint, but still there!

    She's got pride of place with my other beloved stuffed animals. But she is #1. And I will never, ever, EVER forget that my Grandma knew exactly what I needed that Christmas...
  8. Mom2oddson

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    I got matels "Larry the Lion" for my first Christmas. His whiskers are gone and so is his pull-string for talking. He still has a faint stain where beet juice got dumped on him. He's filled with hugs from when I was little and tears from the teen years and he is the holder of many, many thoughts, dreams, wishes and a few secrets. He is still my love and he will be 46 on this Christmas.
  9. KTMom91

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    I still have the stuffed turtle I got on my first birthday. Although I don't remember anything about it, my mom says that the entire family assembled that weekend to celebrate...and ended up watching countless hours of JFK's assassination on TV instead.

    Miss KT still has her mousie...a Fisher-Price Puffalump that is no longer lumpy.
  10. trinityroyal

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    Nicholas Bear (the Best Bear EVER!) was my treasured friend. He's about the same size as my little Baby Tyrannosaur, and he gives the best hugs. Santa Claus brought him for me when I was about 4 years old, and I loved him immediately. He listened to all my secrets and never told a soul. Little easy child has him now. He wears easy child's favourite soccer shirt from the pee-wee league and he's now the keeper of Little easy child's secrets as well as mine. Nicholas recently had surgery on a torn ear and a split seam at the back, and he is doing just fine now. It makes me so very happy that easy child treasures Nicholas as much as I did.

    Interestingly, Little easy child has handed down some of his treasured cuddly friends to his little brother and sister as well. Tyrannosaur got Pearl the Puppy and Tyrantina got Lars the bear. Both babies seem to recognize their special-ness, as they hug and kiss them rather than manhandling them the way they do their other cuddles.