an update on us :-)


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I have been reading posts, but have not been to the library to post.

My son is FLYING thru curriculum in homeschooling. His reading is improving, and so is his handwriting. His comprehension and retention is amazing to say the least. Ah yes, my little boy 6th grader who school said was working at 3rd grade level at best is now challenging his course overload high honors jr in HS sister with her homework, LOL. He is also working now with my oldest dtr and her GED coursework. He has been accepted into a chemistry camp at the college for the summer.
My oldest dtr has settled into an interest in forensics.....of all things, go figure, she is so squeamish, usually. She has now attended 2 different things, one with our county coroner and one at the college........and she is loving it! I cannot believe these are the same kids from a year ago.
My middle dtr has applied for a future physicians internship at a local hospital. (she wants to be a pediatrician)

The kittens now LOOK like teenagers, LOL LOL...........their legs are SO long, now, and they are so funny to watch. My dog has finally settled in, and accepted that cats rule. LOL.

I continue to do well on the medications ordered a year ago, and have now been working outside in my poor long neglected yard. I have pulled out some old junk and put in some new- hydrangeas, azaleas, spireas, pruned lilacs and set aside a veg garden- my first ever! I am finally getting back some of the strength I used to have before I got so sick. I doubt I can yet lift the people and bathe and dress them like I did before getting sick, but, I am getting strong. :) and it feels great!AND my kids love to tease me about my running up and down the stairs to basement. LOL- I seem to find reasons to do so- cuz gosh it does feel good after spending so long in wheelchair and scooter! They also love to tease me about how much I cook....and they are now learning how to cook, too. Even my son. (He loves to watch "Good Eats" on Foodnetwork)

I have even decided to go try my hand at something new........Bingo. Oldest and I are going next week for our first time- with a waitress from the restaurant where we ate most of our meals while I was so sick. LOL.

SO here we are.........been "in the system" and dealing with mental health issues and gfgism since 1990 intensively......done the whole home tdocs, in home case managers, respite, behav mod docs in our house, so many group therapy configurations, social skills classes, countless parenting classes, diagnosis'es for husband, oldest dtr, me.....son......17 VERY long hard years............WRAP, SASS, inpatient, outpatientt, social workers, mentors, psychiatrists, psychologists, LCSWs, neurologists, genticists, neuropsychologist evaluations - such long lists of diagnosis- always changeing........more medications trialed than I can even count... etc......

But somehow here we are doing "normal" Life........

Oh, we do still have symptomatic times, we still do have glitches etc. But somehow we live thru them, around them, over them, under them, or in spite of them. Oldest goes disassociative if we drive near the school-- it PTSD'ed her BAD. She does still on occasion self harm, cuts mostly...and she does still have panic attacks, but not anywhere near as often and nowhere near as severe. husband does still have catatonic events.......and flashbacks.......his PTSD is still strong.......but we get thru it. Son still has many atypical seizures per day........but he has learned how to move on, in spite of it.
I LIKE not dealing with homework issues, and such, homeschooling has turned out to be pleasant and I like it - far more than I ever thought I would. I was SO scared......did not think I could do it. It has amazed me how smart my kids are, and how much they DO want to learn, and how hard they are willing to work! It sure is a world of difference from sitting and trying to do homework from school. ANd their manners and dispositions are far better......they are now polite and courteous.....Oldest has been doing some volunteer work and the people love her!!!! My son is involved in an offshoot of Operation Snowball, and the other kids love him..........

SO they continue to grow......and so do I. And we all continue to learn.....