And how was my week, you ask??? Update.


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easy child lost her mind. (see earlier post on difficult child behavior) I found out boyfriend was stalking her relentlessly. She was trying to make him think she had found someone bigger and badder. I called he and parents and asked that he cease and disist. Was promised he would. I think she will be okay now.

PCson lost his job. Nationwide cutbacks in building industry. He just bought a house in January. Hope something comes along quickly.

and difficult child is just lost. husband and I asked him to only return to our home to pick up belongings---he could no longer live there. husband will probably relent today.

I am practicing my detachment skills and still planning a get-away. Even if its for one day.

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I'm sorry :flower: - your initial post just had the first sentence. I see you hit submit before you were finished.

Keep up those detachment skills - it's a wonderful thing.

Take care of yourself. :bath: Keep planning that getaway. Nothing better than respite. :flower:


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: katmom</div><div class="ubbcode-body">And Linda---my first post proved I'm not far from losing mine! </div></div>

Aren't we all....aren't we all? :hammer:



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Well, poo. :sad: I eagerly wanted to find out how you'd redone your week, because there's lots of weeks I'd like to redo, but alas was just your post you had edited. :rofl:

Ah well, hope you can get that time away for yourself, to relax and recharge.
:angel: :kisses:


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I wouldn't relive this week for anything. But, as always a day makes such a difference. PCdaughter is back to her regular bratty self---but sweet and loving and sees her wrong doing. PCson has already recieved a job offer from a vendor who supplied to his last job---at 7:45 this morning. He called his dad. He has 3 months of bills in savings and severance pay---so he is okay for now. And difficult child---well, he is still lost. He has talked to his dad. He went out looking for work today. He aplogized for his latest stunt---and...tomorrow is another day!!!


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Thanks Wendy. The ups and downs of life with a difficult child is never dull. Add in the regular stresses and it becomes....well....dizzying. But, I'm better---and my living room floor is finished...Now, on to the kitchen!