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    difficult child has had a flu shot for the regular flu, then the nasal mist for H1N1. I got a message saying he has flu-like symptoms and they will test him for the H1N1- which is going around their facility- if his temperature gets any higher. OK, what's the deal? Does the vaccine not work? Why does it matter if his temp gets higher- why not test him now? They put him in medication isolation- with the rest of the H1N1 sufferers- should I call the man back? I guess there goes therapy on Friday, H1N1 or not.
  2. Andy

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    When did he get the mist?

    My difficult child got flu-like symptoms close to 24 hrs after getting the seasonal mist. It was very short lived - he was better within about 12 hours.
  3. klmno

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    He got it about 2 weeks ago- apparently he started with flu like symptoms last night or this morning. I called the therapist and she said they were canceling anyone coming on the "campus" for any reason until they had gone four days without any new cases of kids showing flu-like symtpoms and they had six new ones today. So, there goes therapy on Fri. and probably this weekend's visitation, too. She said it wasn't as bad as it sounded but it sounds like an epidemic to me- they already had a lot in the medication unnit when I saw difficult child last- about 10 days ago and when he called Sat., he said more were sick.
  4. smallworld

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    The H1N1 vaccine takes two weeks to take effect so there's a chance he was exposed before the vaccine was fully effective. Bad timing if you ask me. Or he may just have a flu-like virus that is not H1N1.

    If he does have H1N1, is the facility rxing Tamiflu to lessen the severity and duration of symptoms?
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    Good question about Tamiflu- I'm not sure but I hope so.

    They tried to get a vaccine sooner but we have had shortages. Even when they got it in 2 weeks ago, they were considered being close to the top of the list for being a critical place to receive it. They gave the boys the choice of whether or not to accept it- many of us feel they should have required it. Fortunately, difficult child agreed to take it. I didn't know it took 2 weeks to become effective.

    I just ran out to mail him a quick "I'm sorry you are sick" letter with the letter from my mother so he will get it Thursday. (They pick up aat 3:30 and if I get it to the PO by then, he gets the mail the next business day.)
  6. smallworld

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    You might want to ask about Tamiflu. You must start Tamiflu within 48 hours of becoming symptomatic or it won't work. So it would make sense for them to test him for H1N1 sooner rather than later if the facility is considering Tamiflu.

    Whatever it is, I hope he feels better soon.
  7. klmno

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    Oh- ok, I'll call right now.
  8. klmno

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    My baby called tonight. He's definitely sick- he sounded very lethargic and was so stuffed up that I had trouble understanding him. He said they don't think it's H1N1 though because his temperature has been 99-101- apparently H1N1 brings about a higher temp and he said he has a stomach-ache but not throwing up or diareara (sp). :ill:

    But he did sound ill and the "Momma, I'm sick" tore at my mommy heart. :( I told him I wished he was home in his own bed with his dog.

    :crying: :sad:

    I had to leave a message for the staff person to see if they could give difficult child tamiflu. I asked difficult child if they were giving him anything and he said ibupofren (sp) for the fever but he didn't know what else. He didn't think he was getting tamiflu. He said when he stood up "he just feels weird and like he's going to fall". Also, I was glad to learn that they are keeping the ones diagnosis'd with H1N1 separate from the others.
  9. smallworld

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    Is he coughing?

    Not all kids who have H1N1 have high temps. He could also have partial immunity from the vaccine he got two weeks ago, which would cause a milder case.

    So I think there's still a chance he has it, especially if there are kids around him who have it.
  10. pepperidge

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    Both my kids had H!N1--it was not the end of the world. They got it relatively early (before most of their peers) and were prescribed Tamiflu--especially given my oldest's tendency towards asthma when he gets respiratory infections. They were less sick than some of their peers.

    However, it seems that doctors around here stopped prescribing Tamiflu even when it was within the time frame. I don't know if it is because there is a shortage of Tamiflu or what.
    Perhaps they are not prescribing Tamiflu for not high risk people.

    good luck, hope he feels better and that you survive his being sick.
  11. klmno

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    He didn't cough while he was on the phone but I think the guy who left a message this morning said he was. (He might be getting medications for that.) I'm wondering if he is coming down with it but just not showing all symptoms yet. He said the nurse comes by every 4 hours, but she will stop between 10:00 tonight and 1st thing tomorrow am. That's good.

    I didn't get a return call from the guy this afternoon but asked for tamiflu on my message. Of course if they have a limited supply, I'm sure those diagnosis'd already will be the ones to get it. BUt remember....these people ran out of lithium and lithobid for about 4-5 days so I sure wouldn't bank on tamiflu. (SIGH)

    difficult child has to be watched for wheezing- but I doubt the dr's he has now get that.
  12. Mattsmom277

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    Sorry he's sick. :( Just wanted to let you know, many with H1N1 don't have vomiting or diarhea. Actually, its only showing in a minority of patients, not the majority.

    Regardless, it stinks when our kidlets are ill. I hope he gets better quickly.
  13. klmno

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    Well I hope that nurse and dr know that. Maybe this guy will return my call in the morning. I don;t know that he can do much- he's a staff person not a dr or nurse.

    thank you MM- my son can be a little rotten stink sometimes, but you know, I'm still his Mom. I wish he was home going thru this but maybe somehow things like this help him learn that he needs his mom and helps him to think twice before becoming aggressive.
  14. Mattsmom277

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    Hope he is feeling better today. Rotten as they can be at times, sick kids tug at our heart strings. Maybe this will give him pause to miss his doting mama! You might have something there.

    easy child is still coughing, although no longer sick. She always drags on with her cough ages after otherwise she is fine, each time she gets sick.

    We dont' know if it was H1N1 we had here. Since they dont' test for it unless you are hospitalized. However it looks a good chance that it was given that it was the predominant cause of 40% and up of school kids in our town being out ill. easy child was off school for 2 weeks, but cleared to return with just the lingering cough. difficult child missed just shy of 2 weeks of class as well. We all had temps around 101 or so, with increases as the day went on. It was misery.