And sometimes things go right...


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I went to the open house at Tigger's school last night. Even though he has brought home all "green lights" so far this year, I found myself stopping dead on the threshold of his Special Education room. I was terrified to go in, I didn't want to hear all the problems with my baby. But the teacher had seen me...

Tigger really has been doing well, she is prepared that this may be a honeymoon. And unbelievably, there are only FOUR children in the class - with a teacher and 2 1:1 aides (Tiggers and another childs). Tigger is one of two 2nd graders and there are two 3rd graders. Because everyone goes to their specials and mainstream classrooms at different times, Tigger & the other 2nd grader have over 2 hours where they are the only 2 in the room with the teacher and Tigger's aide. Tig starts the day with his special (gym, art, etc.) and ends the day with snack, recess and then his mainstream class. I couldn't have designed a more perfect schedule for my baby. It is so wonderful to cry tears of joy over a school situation.


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I am so happy for you and Tigger. We are still waiting to see how things will go for JK this year. School starts on Thursday.


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Hi I hope everyone else's kidlets are doing well. I spoke with Matthew's aide yesterday (this woman is wonderful and so good at communication!!!!). He is still doing really well almost :wink: all the time.

He has had his first meltdown (cause he lost a game) but he didn't get physical just a verbal barrage of nastiness and a crying fit on the floor. The teacher looked a little shell-shocked but determined after it and the aide just winked at me when I picked him up after school.

He is in 2nd grade but is doing 1st grade work as expected but I'm hoping they can catch him up this year as he has scattered skills through first grade so they should be able to skim through parts of the curriculum.

He is starting to resist taking the bus but since the school is just a few blocks away, I'm more than willing to drive him if he goes without a fuss.

How are your kids doing??