Another candidate for "Mother of the Year"!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by donna723, Jun 1, 2007.

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    It seems like people just won't stop doing this! And this one wasn't just stupid enough to leave her children alone in a hot car ... she left her children alone in a hot car in the parking lot of the DEPARTMENT OF CHILDRENS SERVICES! And it was hotter than blazes here today! I couldn't even sit in my car with the door open for a few minutes - had to close the doors and turn on the AC! Luckily, someone saw the children in time and they are all OK.
  2. Suz

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    Oh honestly, I could just scream when I read these stories...the sheer stupidity makes my head spin.

  3. Big Bad Kitty

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    Dumber than a box of hair.
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    Good Lord. Thank God the postman came along.
  5. donna723

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    And now there's ANOTHER ONE!!!

    ... a second story on the news last night! A different woman took her three kids to the public library ... two school age children and a small baby in a car seat in the back. She took the two older ones into the library for about a half hour ... left the baby locked in the hot car!

    She said she FORGOT about the baby!

    How on earth could anybody FORGET that they have a <u>baby</u>?!?!?!

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    Ya know...the other day Billy was taking his test out at DSS to see if they would call him for an interview. They do a mass testing at this building. There are three buildings with parking lots all butting up against each other comprising of: DSS, the Health Dept, and the Cooperate Extension Office.

    It was so hot out there that morning that I had to sit in my car under this scrawny little tree to take advantage of the bit of shade it offered and roll down my window. I sat there and watched this car that was parked in front of me that had what appeared to be a child of about 3 or 4 years old in it alone in the car with the windows up and not turned on. He sat there for over an hour.

    Finally a CPS worker I happened to know came out and walked by me and I asked her to check on him and see if there was an adult in that car. As it happened there was an adult asleep in the car with him so there wasnt anything anyone could do but still...that poor kid was in that hot car for that long. I have no idea how those people stood it.