Another IEP coming next Friday



We had an IEP in September, my request. January IEP requested by school because it was 1 year. Now IEP requested by me again. I do not know what is acceptable, what can I request? His current behavioral "plan" is if he feels an outburst coming on he is to leave the class and go to another room (which is supervised).
I don't want him to think he can just walk out of any situation he doesn't like, or feel like doing. This won't help him later in life.
I want him to be responsible for himself, now someone collects any missing work, helps him do it if he was not in class.
JUST found out from him that he only attends 30 minutes of English, then goes with an aide and just sits there the other 30 minutes. (doesn't like English teacher)
School wants to send him home when he disrupts class. According to many teachers, that means talking out of turn. i do not WANT him home. If we do not come get him he sits in the office or ISS (in school suspension) the entire day. He is not violent. Can be verbally abusive.
What can I ask for? I would like suggestions because I do not know what I CAN ask for.


Hi Kjs:

Without a response from you to the info request in your previous threads in this forum, it's difficult to be of much assistance.

Regarding behavior, however, you need to make a written request for a FBA. What is an FBA? See .

It is VERY important that the request be sent to the school district via Certified Mail. I typically fax a copy of correspondence to speed up snail mail, HOWEVER, the letter must still be sent Certified Mail.

There are sample letters in the Special Education archives if you need them.

My letter would be formulated as follows:

Certified Mail No.______________
Fax No. (xxx) xxx-xxxx

March X, 2007

Dear Mr/Mrs. Special Education Director
X Independent School District
City, State zip

Re: difficult child
XXX School

Dear Mr/Mrs. Special Education Director:

My son, ___________, attends ___________ School. His current behavior plan is inappropriate and ineffective.

As related to IDEA, this letter is a formal request for a Functional Behavioral Assessment.

I would appreciate hearing from you within five days pertinent to when the FBA will be performed and by whom.



Without knowing what is causing a child's behavior, it is difficult to put effective interventions into place. An FBA is a tool that can help.

I'll pull some other behavior info for you and post it a bit later.


Don't get bogged down in all the info in the links presented below. I recommend that you get your letter prepared and in the mail then take time to further educate yourself on BIPs.

Suspending Disbelief:

FBAs from Wrightslaw:

USDOE – OSEP on positive behavior supports:

There’s some information on your State Education Agency website that will be of interest to you. The SEA is responsible for making sure your school district follows the law