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    Another school year is just around the corner, remember all the little things that help the year start off right!

    1. Prepare a one page "resume" for your child; include the things that are important for the teacher to know IMMEDIATELY as well as some fun facts about your child. Keep it simple so they can read the whole thing in 1-2 minutes. In many districts, the teacher will not get the IEPs until AFTER school starts.

    For example, "Tigger should NOT be touched even in a comforting manner if he is upset, please stand at least 3 feet away from him when he is angry or scared. Tigger needs directions broken down into 1 or 2 step segments. Be sure that Tigger understands the directions. Tigger loves movement and has a fidget box located in the support office, he is allowed to go there for sensory breaks -- both scheduled and as needed. Tigger loves basketball and plays on the Special Recreation team! He also loves Star Wars and Dr. Who!" I usually include a photo of Tigger and my contact info.

    2. If your child has medical needs (medications, seizures, asthma), meet face to face with the nurse to be sure that they have everything they need to treat your child including medication and consents.

    3. If you can afford it, drop off a bag of extra supplies for the teacher. You can get a lot of good 1 cent deals at Staples.

    4. Take your child on a walk-through of the school. Let them practice their locker combination and walking from class to class. Let them see the gym and the lunchroom. If possible, let them hear the bell (if they have noise sensitivity).

    5. Visit the asst principal/dean or whoever is in charge of discipline. Let them get to know your child as a person so that when they do have to deal with an issue they already know how sweet your kid is :)

    6. Check out the teacher's webpage to get a feel for their style.

    What else has worked for you??? Please share so that we all can have a great start!
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    Thanks so much for posting this! It is exactly why I came here - I am looking for a good format for what you are referring to as a resume for your child. My difficult child will be in 5th grade. He is going to be going to a new school in the same district. I am wondering if they will do a new IEP. I am very nervous because I don't know anyone at his new school and we have been at his previous school since he was first evaluated in Kindergarten. I want something I can give to his new teacher to help explain who he is and what he needs. The problem is I don't fully know all those answers myself. Uggh. difficult child is hoping this will be a fresh start for him and I am fearing it will be same ol same ol.
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    Thank you for the idea! I meet with the counselor and principal of difficult child's school Monday morning. It will be the first time he has more than one teacher. I'm so NERVOUS!!!!!! The school is quite Asperger's ignorant, as in most of them ask me what it is. (Scares the absolute pee diddle outta me that I am gonna send my difficult child to them!). I am attempting to inform them of some of how he thinks and processes without being a "crazy mom" nobody wants to deal with.
    Great advice!!!
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    If he has behavior problems at school, it may be well worth the investment to buy them "Lost At School" by Ross Greene!
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    If you are in the middle of a medications adjustment as school starts (we try hard not to, but... half the time we get caught!)... make sure the school knows. Especially if transitioning between medications. It is usually better for them to know to expect issues in that period, then for the issues to happen first.
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    I like the thought of the resume'. I don't feel that comfortable with my sons new school cause the last one has lots and lots of questions about him and this one didn't.
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    All great advice!!! I also include instructions on the behavior chart that I need filled out daily. So much to print today since I procrastinated until the day before school starts!