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Good afternoon everyone in cyber space, I used to post a while back but we were under control for a good spell. Our problem as of late are BIG MOOD SWINGS. I know that ADHD/ODD can sometimes wind up being Bi-Polar disorder and we do have it in our family tree our daughters doctor. says we may need to concider mood stabilizer, but I don't have a clue.Does anyone have any advice all is welcome. I'm feeling like we are stuck in quicksand.


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The mood swings may be bipolar, they may also be a negative reaction to the Focalin. With summer coming up, I'd talk to your psychiatrist about trying a break from the Focalin first. Then if she doesn't improve, adding in the mood stabilizer or an AP.

Welcome back (but sorry you needed us again).


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Hello there goodspirit. Welcome back.

Dont think I remember you but I want to welcome another carolinian.

Can you tell us a bit more about your childs issues? I have bipolar so if I can be of assistance please just ask. I am also in NC near Fayetteville so I might be able to help in that way too.


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O.K. here it goes... difficult child is 6.5 yrs old she is smart as a wip and she was Diagnosed at age 5 with- ADHD/ODD. She has always been very hard to deal with but we were praying she would "Grow" out of it yea right. She was placed in a BED (Behavioral, Emotionaly, Disabled) program in a wonderful Public school very close to home the class has 12 kids including her and they have 3 full time teachers the main teacher is a behavioral specialist, and she has a behavioral IEP. She is having a lot of the ODD trends going on in class. teacher said if she could lead the class she (difficult child) would be fine. difficult child has made very good progress in class as far as studys go she was not preforming in her main stream class at all but not for a lack of ability she just does not do for anyone who seems to be in charge (say no to her and you don't exist). Like I said she was doing O.K. for a while but we walk on egg shells all the time, she has started to BLOW UP at everything even when she is getting what she has asked for. Not just crying but "FALLING APART". She is yelling at us all the time and we just speak quitely back that use to work but nothing lasts forever with her only till she figures how to get our goat. We as a family husband easy child and I are in good shape but I'm afraid easy child has had it with- her.


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If you have bipolar in the family, it is very hereditary. If stims aren't working or making her worse, it's not a bad idea to try a first line mood stabilizer: Lithium, Lamictal, Depakote, Tegretal or Trileptal. Any ADHD drugs could destabilize bipolar kids, even if they're on a mood stabilizer. ODD is a huge part of bipolar. Did a Child Psychiatrist diagnose her (with the MD?)


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Our Psychiatrist has only given her what she is currently taking and hardly says a word but listens to us talk very well. difficult child doctor. has a his PHD in Psychiatry and said to seriously concider our opptions in a mood stablizer, and to talk to our Psychiatrist. I just want her to be O.K. and to not alienate herself from adults who try to love and care for her because of the nastyness.


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Welcome goodspirit!

It is very tiring to care for kids like this. I hope and husband tag team and give each other breaks often.
When she has a meltdown, have you ever had one yourself? Shown her what she looks like? Have you ever video taped it? This can be helpful for difficult child to see what she looks like and also for psychiatrists to see her in action.

Have you read 'The Explosive Child'?

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Welcome!-I love your board name. It certainly is draining to have to walk on eggshells all the time. It's important to take care of you so you have the energy to deal with difficult child. Glad you found us again!

I just want to add my welcome too. I have a son who is bipolar. I know how hard it can be!!! I'm too tired right now to offer you any kind of advice. Just want you to know that I'm glad you're here!!! WFEN


WE had good luck with lamictal. But everyone is different. difficult child did great for about 1.5 years until psychiatrist decided to try something for anxiety. Totally threw difficult child for a loop. Has been totally unstable since.

Anxiety over my change in jobs, different schedule, having to get up and ready for school alone, knowing I am not at home until afternoon so he cannot call.

It was a move for the better. 3 / 4 days off a week. Did not see him for the last 2 years. Second shift 50 miles away.

I believe that to be the cause. Nobody really knows. Since i am now home several days a week I am his target for everything.

Regardless, Lamictal did wonders for us as far as mood stabalizer.


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We have read The Explosive Child it was an awsome read.I'm actually using it for refrence in a workshop we are having through the YMCA for kids with behavioral issues. the aftreschool program we have there has a good # for kids that are difficult child's. This class is for parents and counselors.