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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Feb 23, 2008.

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    I bought a software to install that is supposed to rid my computer of the adware and spyware- it is infested! This software is supposed to fix errors and problems all the way in the start up portion of the hard drive. It reads the cd and automatically checks on line for updates, but when it is supposed to kick in and actually download the software, the "setup" freezes up and I get the error "Not responding". I've tried booting from the cd and other things- it will do it all except actually download and install it.

    Does anyone know a way to make this work?

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    husband is our expert, but he's currently watching a movie while carving some ham for our picnic tomorrow, so here is what he says:

    Unless you have bought the software package from a REALLY reputable company (and husband says he only knows of three main companies) then it's possible you have bought the very stuff you're trying to eradicate - spyware, or some form of trojan horse.

    Two other (hopefully more likely) scenarios - your operating system is incompatible with the software's requirements (for example, if your computer is more than a year old and in the meantime a new system has come out with a few new bells and whistles, and you haven't upgraded yet or your computer can't use the upgrade).

    Another problem could be that it's trying to download from a server which is taking too much traffic, and hence the files are taking too long to download.

    Something husband has told me at other times but didn't mention this time (he IS waving a carving knife around!) is that a warning sign of infection can be everything slowing down a lot (because you have, unknown to you, more stuff up and running on your computer than you actually have done yourself; the spyware is using your running time to add to the computer's workload). This can happen not only to your computer, but to servers you're trying to use.

    Another possibility (especially if the program is a cheapie) - the sites the program is looking for may no longer exist, and it's spending all its time doing the computer equivalent of looking for dodos on Mauritius. A cheap, but legitimate package may simply not have been sufficiently updated before being released onto the market, and hence can't 'find' what could now be a nonexistent web site.

    I'd be talking to a local IT expert on this one - someone who lives near you and who you've independently heard good things of. Failing that, either take the stuff back to where you bought it, or call your local consumer watchdog organisation and talk to them about it. If you got sold a pup, they may want to know because others may be buying the same package (if it truly is a dud).

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    Isn't there a phone# to call for assistance? If you bought the software there should be some support for it from the company that made it.
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    I don't know which program you have, but it my be a bad one, or just a bad cd. I would call the tech support number, and if they can't fix it, I would take it back to the store.

    I have never bought spyware removal software. There is a good free one online. I am not sure I can put the name on here, so if you are interested I can tell you the name in PM. It took all spyware off my computer, including the rouge spyware. If I remember right it even worked on my son's ME operating system, as well as our XP.
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    Thanks all! I have a phone number but have to wait until Monday to call. difficult child has several school projects due next week that he hasn't started on- funny the info about them didn't make it to me until the middle of this week! Anyway, I had tried a recommended free one that I downloaded and it "hung up" before completed a scan. It must be that there is so much on mine, it is preventing anything else even getting started. I think Marg mentioned something like that.
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    A few years ago I cleaned up a computer that was so infested with adware that the browser they used (IE/Internet Explorer) wouldn't allow me to download SpyBot or AdAware. I had to download a new browser (I chose Opera, Firefox is another, more popular choice) so I could down load the programs to clean it up.

    I hope your computer isn't as messed up as that one because it took me hours of downloading, turning off applications (in the msconfig Start Up file) that start when you boot the system, and shutting down programs in the Task Manager (alt/control/delete) to get the thing functioning. And the people who owned the computer failed to take any of my advice about browsers, running anti virus/SpyBot/AdAware, and clicking on every FREE thing that popped up that the computer was unoperable again within two weeks.

    If you download SpyBot be sure to read the legal release (it's soo cute) and use the Immunize function.