Any ideas? Suggestions?


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Okay, the mover was supposed to come today, arrive in Florida between the 6th and the 11th. No problem if he arrived on the 11th -- I could pack enough to survive until then.

Yesterday, I talked to the driver and we figured out there was no way he could come today. Okay, resolved that. He'll come Saturday. I ask him about when he thought he would arrive in Florida. He tells me probably Tuesday, the 4th!!! (We're last to load, first to unload.) BIG PROBLEM. Huge problems.

First, I had planned to stop in Oklahoma and see my best friend from high school and then stop in New Orleans for a couple of days to reward my daughter for all of her help. Okay, I can cancel these and just do it after meeting the truck and unloading.

Second problem, the lady living in the house asked if she could stay until the 4th and possibly even the 5th. I didn't see a problem with this and said fine. Her plans are now all set for leaving on the 4th -- the day the truck will probably arrive. The best I can do about this is hope and pray the truck arrives after she leaves.

Third and biggest problem. Even if I don't stop besides to eat and sleep, I can't see anyway possible that we will make it by the 4th. It's a 50+ hour drive. I have some physical issues that only allow me to drive about 2 hours before I have to stop for 30 minutes and get out and move about. There is no physical way I can beat the truck there.

I have some wonderful friends who live near where I am moving but there is no way I can ask them to unload my stuff without me being there. I doubt they could even do it physically. He injured his hip and is on permanent disability for it.

I can't fly out there because I'm moving the cats and dogs and airlines don't particularly like pets on planes. My daughter can't help me drive because she's not 25 and I'm renting an SUV.

So, does anyone have any ideas what I can do to resolve this mess????


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Were you planning on unloading the truck by yourself? I would ask friends to unlock the house and then perhaps hire a couple of guys locally to move your furniture if the truck arrives on the Fourth(which I would think might be highly unlikely). I am assuming this is all on one story so that possibly they could put bedroom furniture into bedrooms and living room in living room, then any miscellaneous in the garage? (if there is a garage). If this is a retirement community I would assume they have some kind of caretaker that could help you with finding people to help you move or unlock the place. (After you move in you may want to change locks just as a safety precaution).

I'm hoping you have plenty of insurance on this load cause that way if your furniture is lost you get all new. Take anything you value with you in your car. Rent a trailer if you have that much you value...

Good luck in your move and don't space out if things get broken, its just stuff.....


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I would just tell them I wasn't going to be there until the 6th according to the original agreement. What does your contract say about the date?

After all, you could be flying on the 5th to a new place where you knew no one and be unable to do anything about the change in date.