Any Plus Size Women Here?

And I'm not talking about magazines' "plus size" 14 -- please, I'd love to be a 14, or a 16! Anyway, I'm about a 20 (embarassed to say) and want to know where you get fashionable, reasonably priced clothes. My jeans are from Lane Bryant and I like them, but I would love some nice skirts and tops, etc. Anyone have any idea about Coldwater Creek for plus sizes?? I have gotten bathing suits from Lands' End that are fashionable for plus sizes


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hi fellow crohner! not all of us are the skinny minnies that don't gain wgt!

well i am a former lane bryant store manager and am a size 14. as a current walmart employee i find their plus size clothes fashionable and reasonably priced just not the quality of other places. i also like casual corner women at the outlet mall for business attire.


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I don't wear plus size, but regular sizes are usually too slim in the arms for me, and everything is way too long. I've tried the smallest plus, and it swallows me. I just can't find much of anything, and the cost of having a dress made is prohibitive. I have some things I got several years ago, but as always, once I found a brand, they stopped making dresses in that brand. They didn't sell them much in any store in our big city, anyway. I would drive several hours if I could find that brand in dresses again. It's Erika Stuio or Erika dress. The only thing I've found in the past couple years are casuals. It also seems that most companies have quit making the comfortable knits in shorts, cropped pants and slacks.


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Have you tried Burlington Coat Factory? There is one in the city we are in now, and they have every size imagineable ~ even clothing for REALLY tall men. The quality on some of their products is actually pretty good, too.



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I am tall, so most womens clothes are too short in my arms and legs- and I have absolutely no but and no hips at all, never womens slacks always flap flap flap there on LOL for around the house I wear mens pocket tees much of the time and mens jeans, LOL. I never wear womens slacks becuz they look so stupid on me, so short and so I usually wear a dress or skirt if I need to dress up. I often go to Deb or Fashion Bug or Lane Bryant. I also do like WalMart, but what I have found is some WalMarts have LOTS of plus size choices and some don't. SO sometimes try a different wal mart store if your own does not have much.
In mens pocket tees I buy a 3 jackets I buy a mens 2X or 3X cuz I HATE tight......
In womens clothes I wear at least a 2X and a womens size 22 or 24, depending, except my pants I wear a womens regular large tall. (or a size 18)
I have been recently frustrated to find I can no longer buy bras in stores. DUe to my medications, I now need a 46 daughter and I cannot find anything bigger than a 42 in stores. - and not like I can go without. <sigh>
I also often wear mens shoes, becuz I wear an 11 shoe...and mens seem to be much cheaper and more comfy.
Swimsuits? YIKES nothing I hate more. When I take son to docs often we have to stay in hotels and I try to go places with a pool for exercise for him.........BUT increasingly pools do not permit you to wear a tshirt over your swimsuit........and UG.......some people, (me included) should never be where anyone can see them with so little as just a swimsuit on..........nevermind I LOVE to swim. <sigh>


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fedup, I thought I saw the Erika brand at you have those stores in your area? If you can catch a sale at Talbots they have nice quality clothes and they have a Women's section in our local store, so assuming they would have in other areas....The other place I like is Chicos, but need to wait for sales there too....


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Tall person stepping in here. If I find something that is long enough either in the legs or arms...I buy one in every color. I absolutely hate shopping and tend to do it only once a year.

One of my favorite places is Dress Barn. They have a plus size section and the clothes are quite nice. I'm not sure if it's a chain or not.



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I LOVE the things they have at Coldwater Creek, but unless it's on sale or hits the outlet, it's a little pricey for me. They do have sales though and lots of nice things in their "Outlet" section of their website. They seem to have a pretty good selection of Plus Sizes and they carry a lot of the same styles in Plus Sizes as they do in the smaller sizes. And their clothes are lovely! They're tasteful and classic and made for grown women who might have a few problem areas ... not for kids, but not "old lady" stuff either!

:smile:... definitely NOT me!

I'll have to check out Chico's sometime. But to tell you the truth, the emaciated famine victims they use as models in their TV commercials kind of turned me off! Especially the evil looking one with the short gray hair that kind of slithered along! I just wanted to slap her! But that's just me...


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CJ Banks or Christopher & Banks - not sure which is the plus size store, but they are both great stores! Pricey - but if you catch them on the day they mark down ( I believe Tuesdays ) MAJOR deals!

Sometimes they have a green shirt for $40 and the exact same shirt just because it is yellow it is $6. That is how much they mark down.

I think Fashion Bug and Dress Barn both have plus sizes in half of the store.



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Well, Terryforvols, I am the same size as you, and I have went through the same struggles as you are now, and my biggest problem is, that before I had two children, I was never any larger than a size I have not only struggled because there aren't many stores that carry fashionable plus sizes, but also with the fact that even the ones that do don't have the "cute" stuff that I was used to being able to wear..... :smile:

I have found though, that Fashion Bug has their own division that is especially for "plus sizes" and has the absolute BEST selection ever of clothes for girls our size, and, I should mention that while I am only 23 years old, I may be wearing a different style of clothes than what you are looking for, but I have seen that they have such a variety that there is a LOT of something for everyone. Also I know someone mentioned Burlington Coat Factory, which is another great one for dress clothes that are GREAT. Also, try Goody's and Stein Mart (stein mart is a bit expensive, but if you catch them while they are having a sale, it can be great too). I have also found a great selection at ShopKo. DEB is pretty young, but some of their stores have a plus size division similar to that of Fashion Bug, but DEB specializes in dresses, and "going out" kind of clothes.....

Hope this is a lot of information, but with having BDD, that has made me VERY VERY particular about my clothes, and it is such a struggle every time I have to buy anything that I have TRIED EVERYTHING.... and these are the places I have gotten results....


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Not sure if this is any help but here goes

I use a catalogue which caters for women only. The sizes range from 14 - 32. Maybe you have something similar in the US?? Mines called simplybe .. don't know if its of any help to anyone?


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Short, dumpy & chubby here.

I have a good friend who has been talking for some time about designing and making lingerie and sexy evening wear for the much larger figure. I suggested she call it "Elegant Sufficiency". She's not so sure...

I can't compare dress sizes because from a TV show we had on here tonight, the US sizes and Aussie sizes are different. For example, easy child 2/difficult child 2 is currently size 8 - 10 (depending on make) but the British model she was comparing measurements with in the show (who was deliberately dieting down to a US size 0) was only a few kilos lighter than easy child 2/difficult child 2 after the weight loss. So I suspect easy child 2/difficult child 2 compares to a British size 6.

As to where to find clothes - I mostly use op-shops. I'm still fairly strict about what I get, but I also sew and am prepared to hack up something I've only paid a few cents for. I taught myself stretch knit sewing, and my mother taught me to sew my own clothes when I was a pre-teen. I can heartily recommend you getting hold of a pattern-drafting kit (the mob I got mine from is Lutterloh, they're really easy to use, you don't need to take any lessons) and drafting your own designs, and playing with them. Go for stretch knit patterns if you have a half-decent sewing machine. You can throw together a top and skirt that exactly fits you, in half a day.

A lot of op-shop clothing was hand-made and sometimes quite well-made too. Just remember what colours and styles suit you and be prepared to modify a style if it's not quite right. Keep your sewing cabinet stocked with stuff like spare rib-trim in your colours; spare waistband elastic; plenty of cottons in a range of colours.

There are shops around that have some nice clothing in larger sizes - I go to Target for their Options Plus, but lately the colours have been wrong for me - too many dusky pinks or black, and I look awful in black, like a Mediterranean momma. All I need is the black head scarf and spindle of wool, sitting at the door of a whitewashed cottage.

I just bought two new bras today. One of them, would you believe, is PADDED! husband took one look, and said, "WHY? Not that I mind, but WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?"
easy child 2/difficult child 2 took one look and burst into Queen Latifah's song from "Chicago" - "If you're good to Momma, Momma's good to you!"
And as I said to the shop assistant who found it (in a huge store, three bras possibly in my supersize) - "If you've got it, flaunt it!"

I do not even like the concept of a minimiser bra - I would end up looking like a barrel.

Thanks for your replies! I have a Goody's within 1-2 min of my house, but this particular store doesn't seem to have a large amount of plus sizes. We do have a Burlington Coat Factory in the area where I work, but I have never been there -- guess I will soon! I know we have a Talbott's, but I believe they are very pricey if not on sale. I am 49 yo, but am not ready to dress like an old lady, but don't want to dress like a 20-something either. Just want fashionable, up-to-date clothes!!


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I have to agree with JoG, and I will re-emphasize my earlier statement in doing so, FASHION BUG is probably your number one luckiest shot. As I said, I am only 23, and they DO cater to the "20-somethings", but they also have a HUGE selection of stuff that is a bit more mature without being "old ladyish". They have great Business Attire, I bought several very cute business suits there, plus casuals and even formal dress attire, in case of ever the need should arise.....