Any thoughts?


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is this from bipolar illness or what? I think mostly, but....

We are on a trip for a family matter. Daughter joined us for three days and stayed with us.

1.Didnt bathe until last day due to our insistence
2.ate approx seven meals a day
3. I had to make a salad for large family meal. She had plenty of her own food yet ate my tomatoes for the salad causing me to need to make a special trip to food store. No apologies and she got angry with me when I told her this was inappropriate.
4. I bought presents for a relative (child) and she made a huge loud announcement in front of everyone that I went overboard.

There is more. Constant non stop negativity which is very draining . But the bath and tomato thing is of particular interest. She is pushing thirty.


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Well let me tell you something not even the best psychologist can determine for sure because many conduct disorders well have the same symptoms. It could be bipolar it could be depression it could be both. It could be anxiety problems also it could be a physical problem that affects her metabolism making her be hungry all the time. So many things.


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Unless she is actively manic, these behaviours don't match anything I've seen in bipolar.

It could be a personality disorder (there are a number of different ones). OR a developmental difference - for example, Asperger's is much more difficult to spot in girls than in boys, so girls often go undiagnosed. The "loud announcement" is something socially inappropriate, and could be done simply due to a lack of social skills.


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Could be bipolar hypo mania or a mixed state which causes irritation (I've had them and they are very strange.)

Mood stabilizers for bipolar can cause you to feel like you haven't eaten for a week even after you just ate.


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Somehow you might all be right.
She was diagnosis'd by many docs as bipolar
One doctor thought possible Aspergers
She suffered a brain aneurysm and things worsened
Without medications she has crazy mood swings
I think I often see crazy mixed states
I think I see something else on top of bipolar and have thought of all those things mentioned!!!!
I can tell you the three days were hard on our nerves and is the MAX I can tolerate her in close quarters.
She is bright with a kind heart HOWEVER ...WTH?!?!?!?!


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It sounds as if these family trips are frustrating for her as well. A brain injury trumps just about everything. It renders an individual basically unable to filter their emotions, behavior, and social cues.


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What if you tried to plan ahead for her "food" when you go on a trip. Ask her is there something she specifically she would like for you to make for her. Thinking that maybe if she had her special something, she would be less likely to take what you had planned for the family.

Bathing- well, that could be due to some depression perhaps or just plain doesn't feel like cleaning up every day.


Does she use meth? This is the way people act when they run out or stop using for whatever reason. The eating so much is a sign. They typically sleep a lot and are in terribly negative moods also..... Just a thought


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Thank goodness she is not a drug user. She is anti drugs . Once in awhile she will drink, but this almost always makes her sick.

We had a few food items in the frig for her, but perhaps we should have gotten more. We were trying to take her to restaurants we thought she would like. I think we need to get more input from her. We did get some, but maybe not enough.