Anybody know exactly what Activia does?

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    easy child/difficult child seems to bounce back and forth between too frequent BR breaks and then constipation. He doesn't eat healthy most of the time. Of course, he is an alcoholic but has greatly reduced his intake.

    He doesn't take pills because he used them for years and doesn't want to start "popping" them again in fear it will trigger old addictions. I asked him if he would try Activia and he said yes. :sigh: But I honestly don't know what might result. Doesn't that "balance" your digestive system in some way? Would it help his pattern...or at least not harm it. DDD
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    I've not used it. But it's supposed to help support the natural flora (bacteria) of the bowel which helps keep it regulated. Yogurt does if he doesn't like the activia brand he can try another kind for taste purposes.

    I can't take the taste/texture of yogurt, more texture than anything.

    Also if during bouts of constipation if he increases water intake it will help.

    And no, won't hurt him a bit to eat yogurt, whether activia or another brand. You just want to make sure it's the bacteria cultured type. Cuz somewhere in this fuzzy brain of mine I'm having thoughts that some don't have the bacteria in it? I could be wrong though, like I said that part is fuzzy.
  3. I think fiber will really help here. The best way to increase fiber is through the diet, but the powders that are stirred into liquids work also. I've tried Activia several times, but for some odd reason, it seems to cause more problems for me. Luckily most fiber rich foods are yummy - and are a quick and easy solution.

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    Skip the Activia and just take some probiotics. The ones that require refrigeration are better - more active and live cultures.

    I tried activia and notice absolutely no difference in gastrointestinal flora, BUT I did get insomnia. At first I thought it was jsut a touch of insomnia, but stopped the Activia and it went away. Tried two weeks later, and again I couldn't sleep. I decided to research to find out what 'Bifidus Regularis' was, and it turns out it's their own registered trademark of unknown probiotics. Maybe noly one of them? Who knows, since they are not releasing their formula.

    I got a jar of probiotics in the fridge that I got at a Vitamin store. I don't take them every day, but I do remember to take them when a stomach bug or irregularity hits. Seems to help.
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    Activia has some special brand of probiotics that are supposed to help the digestive system. I believe they use a blend of these cultures to make it special and unlike other yogurts supposedly. Reality is that it is expensive yogurt. Most yogurt now has live cultures, but you can look on the container for it to say "live and active cultures". Unless your system in incredibly sensitive, it won't matter for the most part which brand you buy. Now some do have more cultures than others, but for the most part any yogurt that has live and active cultures will have enough to help.

    The whole activia thing is more a marketing gimmick, from what I have seen. yes, it is a bit different than other yogurts, but not in any way that would make a big difference. You can also get probiotics in other forms - most often in pills or capsules in the vitamin section. Acidophilus is a common and very helpful probiotic that is sold that way. I have used it for a couple of decades because it helps when the IBS gets out of control.

    Personally, I live on yoplait orange yogurt. Only one I can stand the taste and texture off. Most yogurts are pretty much the same so look more for what he will actually eat rather than a special promise of something. If the texture of yogurt is a problem, try the Yoplait thick and creamy. It has gelatin added to make it a much thicker, creamier product. Still has the live cultures, still will help things, but is a different texture. I don't know of any other brand that makes this thick yogurt - and I have looked, lol!

    Walmart has fourpacks of yogurt and they are live/active cultures and the flavors are the same as the brand name ones. I cannot tell them from the name brands.

    Fiber is definitely an important part of handling his problem. It is sort of a cure-all for most digestive problems. If things are too watery, the fiber will absorb the water and help it out of the system. If things are too hard or dry, the fiber will bring moisture from the other areas and it will push things out easier. There are a lot of cereals and other things with fiber. Fruits and veggies are excellent . They make fiber bars now that are sold in the cereal/nutrigrain bar section. The amount of fiber varies, but usually is fairly substantial. Now they come in a 90 calorie size and a larger size that has more calories and more fiber. My kids like the fiber one chocolaate peanut butter bars. they may only come in the 90 cal size, i am not sure. The kids have eaten every other fiber bar on the market though, and they really like almost all of them. He will learn not to pig out on them. thank you was told only one per day but he ate three in an afternoon and spent about three hours in the restroom. He says he won't make that mistake again, lol!

    I have also found a surprising, to me, source of fiber for the diet. Our stores sell something called Flatout flat bread. It is like a thicker tortilla, like a homemade tortilla thickness instead of a machine made one. They are quite large and sell in packs of 5 for around $2.50-$3.00. These surprise me because the light ones have more fiber and good stuff for you, not just low calories. One light wrap is big enough to make two meals for me, sometimes three if I have a salad instead of shoving the veggies into the wrap. Each light wrap has 9 g protein and 16 gram carbs of which 9 are fiber. So they have 7 grams of carbs that are not fiber - incredible for many bread recipes. We LOVE the light italian flavored wraps - they add flavor and are really easy to hold. the company now has some other products taht fit in with this, so here is a link:

    I hope this helps.
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    I love Activia and my system is certainly better when I eat it regularly. It's partially the specific different bacterias it has in addition to those that other yogurts have, and the soluble fiber. I do almost as well on the Fiber One yogurt. When flipping back and forth between too much and too little (been there done that), it's not just how much fiber and when, it's also what kind of fiber. Insoluble fiber can get things moving, and then shove them into moving too fast. You need the right balance of soluble to insoluble fiber, just like you need different types of fat in certain ratios to function properly.

    I've found this cheat list on foods to be helpful to me
    Not a cure or anything, just something I've found helpful.
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    Gee whiz you guys are smart. He won't take any pills or capsules. He will eat salad a few times a week but only eats fruit if I mix up a fresh fruit salad. I had forgotten about the fiber bars. Not only had I forgotten them...I didn't really think that they would level out his BR breaks. I have it right? He could eat fiber bars and have a cup of yogurt daily in hopes of feeling better? Or is it either/or?? DDD
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    The last thing you want to do is a sudden increase in fiber! Gradually increase the fiber until he's regulated. Ideally I think it's a 2:1 ratio of soluble to insoluble fiber. There's a lot of label reading involved and learning to figure out which veggies and fruit to eat and which ones are better cooked vs. raw for this (which may not be the same as cooked vs raw for vitamins).
    The Fiber One bars and cereals are pretty good, but they have a LOT of fiber in them - if he goes trying to change to high fiber all at once he's going to be in the bathroom for a few days and running through a lot of toilet paper.
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    I don't know about any of the fiber ratios, but do know it is important.

    Regarding probiotics, My BFF opens the capsules and mixes them with stuff for her kids. Just an idea.
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    I had good luck with Fibersure, too. It mixed well into drinks, applesauce, etc for me. Some people have said they had mixing problems with it, but I never did. Fibersure and Benefiber never did that to me. Metamucil clumps like nobody's business, and I think that one is insoluble.