Anyone do black Friday,?


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I went with Jumper and her boyfriend because they wanted to buy s 60 in. TV that was advertised for a good price. We ended up in quite a few stores and while it was busy, and I mostly buy gifts online, it wasn't as bad as older black Friday's, st least not in my neck of the woods. Most shoppers were cheerful and when I made my old joke to people about how the store needed people to direct traffic, I got smiles. I cheerfully donated to the bell ringers (while I loathe their stance on gays, I do know the money is used for those in need). People seemed in a good mood and i smiled most of the time.

This was a far cry from years ago when there was no other way to shop than to go to stores and when I saw two ladies literally both pulling the same box of Cabbage Patch was the only one left. I never stayed to see who won that tug of war.

Anyone else brave Black Friday? Didn't buy much. I will still mostly buy online.
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I did do black Friday. It was actually fun, and it was not hectic at all. I snagged some great deals. We shopped small business Saturday. I found the perfect table for my foyer. I love antiquing.


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I do all my "holiday" shopping online, but had to brave Wal-Mart on Black Friday as I absolutely HAD to refill some RXs.

The parking lot was packed. Not a space to be found. I would up parallel parking along the side of the back drive at the very back of the parking lot. That left me with nearly a 1/4 mile hike to the doors, which my knees and back didn't think much of.

I had a few other things to pick up, but wound up blowing those off as the store was a complete zoo: every register open, lines stretching back onto the selling floor, and x-mas music playing full blast.

Luckily, the pharmacy was not crowded. I got my medications, paid for them, and schlepped back out to my car.

Spent the x=tra money and ordered groceries yesterday, had them delivered today, but will have to go out tomorrow to pick up a few things.


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I did go overboard on Black Friday at Home Depot: 2 shop vacs at 39.00; a dyna-glo gas bbq, 99.00; a masterbuilt smoker, 99.00; a two pack de walt battery pack for M; 3 stainless steel garbage cans for 19.99; 6 heavy duty rubber doormats for 5 each. A heavy duty nesting set of rolling tool bags for M, and 2 more tool chests/parts chests, for him.

I think there was no single item where I did not save 70 percent or more. OK. The parts chests I paid 10 each and they were regularly 15. But all the other stuff I verified the regular prices. We got the batteries for half price, the shop vacs for 66 percent off; the smoker and bbq about 45 percent off. And they were both good brands.

You have to like shopping to do this. Because It was crazy-making.

It was a madhouse, but the shoppers were all in a good mood. The staff were lost and looked frenzied. Nobody knew where anything was. They just kept saying: the front racetrack, the back racetrack, the middle racetrack. About the same item. It turned out the shoppers were the most knowledgeable. Where did you find that? Where the garbage cans were, to the left. Said the woman I first met at the garbage cans, clueing me to the door mats.

I went slightly nuts, but it was fun, fun, fun. I had never done it before.


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I didn't go out this year, but I usually do. I love to watch the people. It's really not as much fun for me since Miss KT moved away. Hubby is no fun to shop with, and he is not a people watcher.


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I have heard that it was not nearly as crowded this year, in part because some stores are offering the deals online.

I am cyber Monday shopping today, though.