Salvation army kettle bells -observations - on hunan kind

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    Saw the first one today outside a grocery store. I had a phone call so I sat in my car and watched the man outside one side of the door ringing the bell. For SC 38 is really cold. But here are some things I OBSERVED while talking for 12 minutes on the phone.

    1.) The MAJORITY of the people that pulled into the parking lot upon SEEING the bell ringer - DROVE to the OTHER side of the parking lot so they could use the OTHER door and avoid the KETTLE and the BELLRINGER.

    2.) PEOPLE that came OUT on that side of the store where the BELLRINGER was; AVOIDED eye contact with the man as he wished them (NOT MERRY CHRISTMAS) but HAPPY HOLIDAYS and did not reciprocate.


    4.) PEOPLE that were picked up - got picked up on the OTHER door.

    5.) PEOPLE that were parked on the same side as the BELL RINGER....left by the OTHER DOOR - an walked in the parking lot to their cars.....crossing the parking lot.

    6.) PEOPLE did NOT put money in the KETTLE BELL - in 12 minutes not ONE person put money, spare change in the kettle (I digress - most people shopping carry a card or food stamps - so it would be impossible to hit the button that said WOULD YOU LIKE TO GET CASH BACK/ OTHER AMOUNT/ $1.00) for the KETTLE BELL much too hard.

    7.) WHEN I LEFT - I WAS PARKED on the other side but made it a point to - HIT GET EXTRA CASH, and WENT OUT THE OTHER DOOR ON HIS SIDE, wished the BELL RINGER a MERRY CHRISTMAS and put money (undisclosed amount) in the KETTLE BELL......the man said thanks - he'd been out there over an hour and I was the first person to donate.

    REALLY PEOPLE??????????????? I'm ASHAMED OF WEST COLUMBIA SC. WE COULD DO BETTER. As a Nation we could do better. The other day on the news I saw where a homeless man was being lauded for returning a wallet, and people were putting him up in a motel and other motels were joining in, and they had gotten him a hair cut and et al......I was SO angry. People around me were like - THIS IS GREAT - look at him, and YOU are ANGRY????? I said YES......we should all be ASHAMED that THIS is such a "TRIUMPH" of human ability - because a PEOPLE ......could do this VERY thing EVERY DAY....and yet we DO NOT. When was the last time??? ANY of YOU (people at work) HELPED someone for NO reason????? Someone said "People aren't like that." and I said "I AM." and someone said "Yes, she is." and I walked away HAPPY thinking that THAT is how people saw me. HELPFUL. - NOT boastful. Just----helpful. I'm not paying it forward. I just encourage those around me to pay it in every direction. We ARE GOOD. WE ARE DECENT. We're just told different. AND FWIW? I'm not nice. I have to work at it every. SINGLE. DAY. to be compassionate, and pray for it.

    But the Kettle bell thing was amazing........Oh and for you kitty lovers???? 911 does not provide assistance to animals, but on my own I took a course for CPR on animals - and had a hysterical girl call about a cat that got caught in her garage door folds and was DOA......I instructed the neighbor on animal CPR.....and the girls in the Center KNOW I'm an animal lover - but we don't offer animal assistance - HOWEVEVER - I gave CPR instructions - and HES ALIVE - probably one of my greatest moments - next to delivering a baby over the phone and helping an elderly wife do CPR on her husband who lived. IT. WAS SO Awesome. I said to the neighbors wife. "Well I guess they really do have nine lives." She just chuckled - but they got him in a carrier and to the ER vet and he's fine. (very cool) Te girls sitting around me said - ONLY you would do CPR on a CAT.....I said NOPE I know lots of people that would. (thinking of my friends here) Now the deer that jumped across a mans hood, and over the yard and into the front window, dashed around in a citizens house, and then back out the window after DESTROYING the house? I don't think anyone was going to offer him CPR. When I tell you the deer DESTROYED the house in under 3 minutes - it would be an understatement. The man in the car driving down the road that witnessed it was ABSOLUTELY - STUNNED after witnessing the event.
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    Star, there are many of us who don't donate to charities that have discriminatory hiring or other policies. I donate to charities year round, several of them. I do NOT donate to Salvation Army for personal reasons.

    I won't go any further with this as it would be political.
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    We do donate to the kettle bells and a few other places during the year. In particular we like to donate to wounded warriors and pets. My favorite one yet was when I got to donate to a service dog organization for wounded warriors. I combined my two favorite things.

    I am particular about not doing it specifically around the holidays though. I tend to do small things all year round. My last one was purchasing items for some young girls on my cheer team. Their parents couldn't afford it and I can just barely.

    As GoingNorth mentioned I do have some organizations I don't donate to. The Goodwill is one of them. I know they hire individuals of limited ability but they are a for profit organization. All donations from individuals are sold to make money for the owners. They don't give back to the community. I hate that people think they are doing something for others when in reality they are lining pockets.

    Anyway long story short it isn't the method of kindness that matters it is actually doing it that matters.
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    Goodwill is owned by one man, he's very wealthy, it's not a charity. I buy gifts for "families in need" at school. I just used my extrabucks to get buy 1 get 1 free toys at cvs for the kids. easy child also pays for marathons in toys, he takes them as well from that deal. I always pay with a card and don't carry cash. Sometimes only a small portion of the donation actually ges to helping, people should research, I don't judge.
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    I always throw a bit of change into the Salvation Army. Now if I knew they had prejudices, I wouldn't. I go overboard volunteering and helping charities and donating to charities that I choose. I know where GoingNorth is coming from. I like to donate to charities that help the homeless, children, and animals the most. They are my first concern. I have no use for charities that are judgmental about people though. Although I'm far, far from an atheist (I am very spiritual) I stay away from overly religious organizations that may have values that I don't share. If they are biased towards gays or blacks or Mexicans or anyone, really, I'd rather donate to organizations that don't share, or at least don't talk about, those prejudices.
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    Last year ds's girlfriend was a bell ringer, they paid minimum wage, she got nearly a thousand dollars (last part of Nov, and until Chistmas Eve and a turkey.
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    I agree with Going North and will leave it at that.

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    I agree with Going North and Kathy and I will also leave it at that.

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    While I do put change into the bucket when shopping I dont quite agree with them being down in my town because we dont have a Salvation Army here and if someone from my county goes up to the next county that does have one, they are turned away because they dont live in that county. Makes me mad.

    I also dont like it that people send little kids around parking lots begging for change for their church. Now I wouldnt feel that way if I hadnt seen with my own eyes the kids getting the money and going back to a van with no name on it. They went from parking lot to parking lot and I saw this many times with the same kid and same guy driving the van. One would think they would have more than the same two boys doing it. I think it was a scam.

    I do give every time I see the firefighters out with their boots collecting money for the volunteer fire depts. I also go to all the fish fry's and dinners that the local rescue squad puts on.

    Other than that Im a bit particular. For one thing there is this homeless man who hits us up everytime he sees us. He goes to the store on Thursdays when all the work van's come in and cash their paychecks at that store. Tony never gets away without giving him money.
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    My point......which wasn't really about giving....(but thank you for not going all political) was more about the OBSERVATION of people who went OUT of their AVOID someone. Not the fact that those people were being asked to give to a charity. I'm ASHAMED because they didn't have to AVOID him----it should have been life as usual. If you don't want to give, give somewhere else, gave to a different charity, or just plain don't want to give - SAY IT.

    Just like WE as a "PEOPLE" avoid the homeless but because one day he does a nice thing we as a "PEOPLE" -reward him, and the rest of US think that is SOOOOO fantastic.

    I have several charities I don't like, I have several charities I do like but can't give monetarily to. Not a big deal. But kindness and manners ARE FREE.

    And I think if the bellriingers here found out that they get paid anywhere else in the US? They would have a problem here. lol - ti's all volunteer here. Mostly by Rotary Members.

    Just thinking out loud. (possibly another donation I shall keep to myself)
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    LOL Star. I understood where you were going.

    I apologize for my incorrect information on Goodwill I have been given that misinformation multiple times but after some research realize it is not 100% accurate. Sorry if I scared someone off from there by accident.

    On the other hand I am usually nice enough to say "I donated elsewhere" so they don't get completely ignored. However I will ignore the heck out of the people in the mall trying to give me hand cream and hair curls or massages. I don't know why but they irritate me to no end especially after I walk past them 10 times.