Anyone else have MORE bad weather on the way?


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We have up to eight inches of snow OR freezing rain and ice. I'd rather have the snow. By next Monday it will be 40. Can we say "flu" in unison???? I'm in mid-Wisconsin.

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MWM-We are only under an advisory in Madison. We're supposed to be more on the rain end of things which could mean lots of flooding with all the snow we had last week.


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Does the possibility of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes count? Of course, add to the mix snow on Saturday and yes "Flu" is in my vocabulary...just spent 4 days getting over it!!!

I feel for all you upper Midwesterners. Our company headquarters is in St. Paul, MN and I talked to a few people up there that probably will only be in for the morning tomorrow since they are expecting 24 (!) inches of snow!!

I'll take the thunderstorms, I think!

Bundle up, friends!


Mom? What's a difficult child?
husband and dear neighbor both have the flu... so I spent all day off and on shoveling the
8+ inches that fell and is still falling, for us and for her. Meanwhile difficult child cycled up and down nonstop!!! She finally was laughin hysterically which led to uncontrollable sobbing... put her in bed with a flashlight and some books!!!
I think I got my exercise and will tommorrow...

Yeah it is pretty but...come on.


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gosh i hope we dont have no more can keep it i can not afford to lose any more work days.cause i work in a school and when there closed i dont work.i mean i love the snow but if it starts just a little they close up here or go in late.but i am sorry you still have it up your way.


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I can't claim snow and ice (although easy child can - Canberra got over three feet of hail two nights ago) but we're now getting daily thunderstorms, every afternoon between about 3 and 4 pm. Some of these are huge and I just posted a link to a news story from yesterday about where husband & I used to live (and easy child, until a year ago). Quite a number of cars got washed over an 8 foot fence, one car had little kids in it. One of the rescuers nearly got swept away himself, after he got the baby out of the car. And he was wearing a life jacket, from what the TV footage seemed to show.

Added to this, there's a tropical cyclone (aka hurricane) forming off the Queensland coast, they're saying it could be really nasty. And although it's a long way from us, it still affects us here with high seas. Last time we had breakers forming way back at the entrance to our port (not Sydney Harbour, although that was rough as well). All Sydney beaches were closed. We had to go further upriver to find a beach quiet enough to swim on, and the water was very murky. Our boat was stopped because waves were crashing over the wharf. The schoolkids had to be bussed in and out. Mind you, a lot chose to stay home and surf near the wharf.

I'm hoping the cyclone doesn't make landfall. The price of bananas has only just dropped to the point where we can afford to buy them again, after Cyclone Larry wiped out 80% of the Aussie crop a year ago. In Coffs Harbour, where the remaining 20% grow, they no longer rob banks. They rob banana plantations. Basically, some blasted ratbag goes in at night and rips off some other hard-working plantation grower, and flogs the fruit for a fortune. One ute load of bananas was worth thousands of dollars.

Between the daily storms and the impending cyclone, we're likely to be cut off from our main access road quite often in the next few months. They put in a new bridge high upstream for us, but we still get a lot of folks taking the time off sick rather than drive for several hours more each day. The ground is now waterlogged after our recent rains, so if we just spit upstream the river will go over.



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yesterday while at laundrymat we got this weird hail-ice ball-freezing rain-sleet-snow things that piled up pretty deep. In the wee hours last nite we got thunderstorms, full blown. and more snow to come. Noone has touched a shovel or anything to my drive the last 3 feet of snow or so, becuz husband can't, I can't, and the kids won't. Cannot find a soul to even pay to do it. My drive is b arely 2 car lengths wide and just hardly 2 car lengths long, and I have offered $50 to dig it out, but- no takers. Good thing I have 4 WD.


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Under a heavy snowfall warning here too. Apparently going to begin this evening and not quit until tomorrow late in the day along with very strong winds. Gosh, if we do get nailed I hope the schools close, as it seems this year they are open during the worst of the worst.

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It's snowing like crazy here now....glad that husband got our snowblower repaired Tuesday.

Don't think we're young or energetic enough to shovel 14 inches of snow like we did this past weekend. :faint:


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Oh and yes we are under flood warning or watch or whatever, too......
LOL last weekend, it was supposed to be our formal winter dance at HS for easy child. Our hs has a one time payment for an activity fee at start of year for all sport events, drama events, and dances etc.but the winter formal is extra. Then PCs bfs dad gave him money to buy their tickets, but it got stolen out of his gym locker. His dad gave him more, and he got the tickets and for some reason gave them to my easy child (who loses EVERYTHING) they were wristbands, and she went straight to work from school- and....LOST THEM! So easy child was going to buy the at the door higher priced tickets Saturday. SHe arranged a work schedule change to have sat nite off, - had to work every day the previous week to be able to take sat off, and around noon sat, one of her friends called and said the dance had been cancelled. Rescheduled for following week. Following week was a HUGE competetion for all band and all chorus, mandatory for all------out of town.
Our HS bewgan a new email notification thing this school year, altho so far they have NOT used it when school was called off-(until this year school had NOT been called off for maybe 10 years for weather, our school never closes here for weather, and has gotten much heavy criticism in newspaper over it) Well, we THOUGHT maybe they might use that system to send out word the dance was cancelled, and at the time first word came that it had been cancelled, it was a very nice day outside,. LOL- another thing our school does is wait till the very last minute to announce things, and even when they HAVE closed school, usually they do NOT announce it till AFTER the kids have to be AT school. (and calling your kid in for weather is an unexcused punishable absence)
We thought they also might put it on the TV announcements, - our local catholic school put it on the TV that they cancelled their play and sports events for sat.......but nothing ever showed about our dance.
By 6 PM we were buried in a blizzard, visibility was absolutely zero. I do wonder how many kids tried to go anyway and showed up? I also wonder how many kids threw away their wristbands and now have nothing to prove they paid for the tickets for last weekend and are now out the money? How many rearranged work schedules like my easy child, and how many might have ordered flowers or <gasp> limos. (I do not know why they get limos, but some do, yeesh) I do hope none of the kids had car accidents trying to go to the dance that wasn't.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
More snow last nigth and more expected through Friday night.... husband who is still running a fever and I just spent the past couple of hours plowing our the 3 houses at the end of our road... I shoveled he plowed... OK already. The plow is a rickety old tractor... hurts the bum and back just looking at it!!!
Now easy child has been up since 4am with fever and flu now.... yuck yuck yuck poor thing.

hope everyone else is fairing welll...