Anyone ever use the tutoring schools?


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like Sylvan Learning center?

Suddenly, (the last two months)I am having Major problems with Missy and homework, math homework specifically. Every night it's a battle and it's over such stupid mundane stuff. I finally had husband start doing it with her, but then she'll come to me to tattle on Daddy, because she insists his answer is wrong. 14 is greater than 8 or 10!!!!! This has been the source of a few meltdowns and one or two all out rages.

She usually gets most of her math tests right; sometimes even getting 100%, but when I check some of the work they do in class that the teacher does not correct, I find a lot of mistakes. She gets frustrated and made at me when I ask her for the correct answer.

The weird thing is, suddenly she's reading like crazy...always has her nose in a book. Her handwriting has gotten 100% better. She's always done okay with homework, until now.

So I'm wondering if getting her into one of these tutoring schools, early, might help. Is it worth all that money? I hear it's really expensive.

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My sister spent a small fortune for a whole school year on Sullivan. All I can tell you is she said it was wasted money. Her daughter saw no real improvement.

But I've never used them.


I've never used the tutoring schools so I can't vouch for whether they work or not. What I have done that has worked, however, is hiring a high-school or college student to do homework with my kids. My kids like the one-on-one attention from someone who's "cool," it gets the job done and it's a whole lot less expensive.


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I never have used the tutoring schools partly because they are outragious as far as the cost. When my difficult child needed tutoring I consulted with the principle at her school (Elementary) and he set her up with a college student that met with her at the school three days a week. This happened after I threatened to put my daughter in a tutoring school like sylvan and would seek funding from the school district. The school is mandated by law to assure that our kids get the appropriate education to include extra help if needed, If it can be proven that they will not accomidate that then we as parents have the right to seek funding to pay for an outside source. I also found out that our local library offered tutoring as well for every subject on a one on one basis for free. It worked out well for my difficult child.


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difficult child has been going to The Tutoring Club since after the first grading period when she got a D in geometry. She oges twice a week and it costs $40 each session so it's not cheap. But I must say that the next two grading periods she got a C. I believe she would have either flunked geometry or had straight D's without it.

I wouldn't hesitate to use them again next year if she were having trouble in a specific subject. But I believe hert tutor is a large reason why she is doing well, he's excellent, a college student majoring in secondary education specifcally math and science.



I checked into Sylvan 5 years ago. difficult child was not being challenged at school, bored, getting in trouble, class clown. Thought maybe in the summer one or two days a week to keep him challenged would help. First off had to apply for a loan, very expensive. then the first day which they evaluate you, difficult child refused everything. Had to take him home because he refused. He hated day care, he hated pre-school, and he hates school. could not see spending that kind of money and having to force him to go and know he would refuse anyway. so, we quit before we ever began.

How does anyone motivate difficult child to DO school work? Even read?